A Lifestyle of Learning: A How-To Guide for Becoming Your Best Self

If you’re someone who always wants to become the best version of themselves, you’ve come to the right place. When you’ve committed to a lifestyle of learning, you’ll be on your way to becoming your best self each and every day. However, it’s not always easy. There are lots of things you can do to increase your productivity for learning. Here are a few tips to help you alter your lifestyle to one where learning is the top priority.

Never Settle

Have you ever spent time with a three-year-old who just will not stop asking “why?” That’s how you’ll need to become. Question everything! Never settle for the information right in front of you. Once you’ve established this mindset, the rest will become much easier for you. When seeking knowledge, wisdom, and insight is your desire, there are no limits to how far you can go. This type of lifestyle will be what helps you become your best.

And since we live in the age of information, you’ll never have to go too far to figure out what you may need to know! On average, we conduct 12 billion searches per month on the web in the United States. While the internet certainly isn’t the only place to find out more, it’s one of the most accessible resources we have to obtain knowledge.

Spend Time with the Arts

It’s commonly known that having a wide range of interests can help you become more knowledgeable about even one specific topic. However, having multiple interests can also benefit the learning process itself. About 93% of Americans believe that the arts are critical for a well-rounded education. In fact, more than half of Americans rate the importance of the arts as a ten on a scale from one to ten. For this reason, don’t forget the arts. A lifestyle of learning means learning about things that will help you universally as well as personally.

Listen to Music

Similar to learning about the visual arts, be sure not to forget about the art of music. Music can be incredibly influential to one’s learning abilities, and the knowledge of music itself can be enjoyable for anyone. Listening to music can help improve your mood and therefore also your productivity. And if you’re able, going to live music is a perfect way to learn about people and their interaction with the music. The largest recorded concert attendance was 3.5 million people. Learning music is not just learning the artists and the songs, but the connection they have with their audience.

Don’t Forget to Live, Too

While reading and studying the arts are important to a lifestyle of learning, a great deal of learning comes from your own lived experiences. It’s for this reason that going to live music is beneficial. Creating art yourself or writing your own books is similarly beneficial. It also means learning from yourself, which takes a great deal of reflection. This type of learning can bring forth wisdom and requires a great deal of self-awareness. One of the most humbling things we can do is learn from ourselves as well as others. Be sure to remember this on your journey for more knowledge. A lifestyle of learning means being open to dissenting opinions and constructive criticism as well as supporting views and encouragement.