While a sock puppet is an obvious classic, there’s another amazing sock creature you can make out of your old, funky socks — and that, friends, is called the SOCK-TO-PUS. If you’re in search of a way to keep the kids occupied that you haven’t done a million times already, you’ll all have *sew* much fun creating this unique type of homemade plaything.

Read on to learn how to make a Sock-To-Pus — and for some tips on what to do with it.

Read on to learn how to make a Sock-To-Pus — and for some tips on what to do with it.

What’s a Sock-To-Pus?

This is a completely valid question. The Sock-To-Pus is a mystical being that’s part sock, part octopus, with eight crazy “tentacles” of fun and excitement. Sock puppets and sock monkeys are probably most people’s first choice when it comes to repurposing old socks, but the Sock-To-Pus is really a treasure. Not only is it a great toy for a little one to play with and snuggle, but it’s also a really sweet and personal keepsake to be passed down for years to come!

What You’ll Need

If you’ve never even heard of a Sock-To-Pus before, you’re probably wondering how exactly you’d go about making one. Well, you really don’t need much to get started, and odds are, you already have all the materials to build this funny little creature.

Before you get to work on your Sock-To-Pus, grab the following:

  • A pair of long socks (funny knee high socks work well for this, so the “tentacles” will be nice and long)
  • Scissors
  • A needle and thread (basic black works, but so do fun, bright colors)
  • A dowel, a chopstick or a pencil (or basically any long, rod-shaped item)
  • Something to stuff your Sock-To-Pus with (polyfill, extra socks, an old washcloth or pillow filling, etc.)
  • Googly eyes or buttons to be your Sock-To-Pus’s eyes
  • Craft materials to add some extra pizzazz

Your Sock-To-Pus can be as simple or as intricate as you’d like; keep that in mind as you start to make it!

Having Fun at Home: How to Make a Sock-To-Pus

Steps to Shape the Sock-To-Pus

To start, cut the heels and the toes off each of your funky socks (it’s a worthwhile sacrifice!). Then, cut a straight line into each sock so that they become rectangle-shaped, like mirror-images of one another.

Next, line up the two rectangles against one another, inside out. Sew the two rectangles together on all edges except for the stretchy part at the knees. Sew the top of the rectangle (where the toes are) into a rounded shape — this will soon be your Sock-To-Pus’s head!

Now, comes the most challenging part. You’re going to make the tentacles! You can use your chopstick or dowel as a guide, or eyeball it if you want — the tentacles don’t have to be perfect. You’re going to sew a long, loopy shape into each sock. Start at the end of your Sock-To-Pus’ head and guide the thread all the way to the top of the sock where the elastic is. Bring the thread around and then back up on the other side so you’ve made a really long and narrow “U” shaped, and then knot the thread; one tentacle is done! Leave about an inch of space between one tentacle and the next, repeating the process until you’ve completed all eight tentacles.

Once you’ve sewn the tentacles, start cutting between them so that they pull apart. Be sure not to cut into your stitches, as you don’t want a hole in the tentacles! You should have eight floppy tentacles and an even floppier head, but now it’s time to flip and stuff. Flip your sock so that it’s now right-side-out, and use your chopstick or dowel to poke the tentacles into place.

You can fill the tentacles with your stuffing, or just fill the head. Once your Sock-To-Pus is looking all fluffy and adorable, it’s time to close him up! Simply pull the base together and sew the opening closed. Now, it’s time for the finishing touches.

Decorating the Sock-To-Pus

Your Sock-To-Pus needs a little extra love to truly come to life! Once it’s taken full form, add the eyes; you can use googly eyes for some really cute quirkiness, or you can repurpose old buttons for a look inspired by the beloved sock monkey.

Once your Sock-To-Pus can see, you can start to add extra crafty materials for props or accessories. Maybe your Sock-To-Pus needs some glasses or likes to wear a teeny feather boa — who are we to judge? This is where your imagination can really run wild!

Sew on any finishing touches, and your new buddy is ready to make his official entrance into the world.

What to Do With It

Now that your Sock-To-Pus has taken full form, you might be wondering what to do with him. There are many ways to celebrate a Sock-To-Pus, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Give him as a gift to someone who could use a laugh.
  • Allow your little one to snuggle him before bed.
  • Donate him to a person in need of a sweet toy.
  • Have a puppet show play starring Sock-To-Pus and friends.
  • Leave it on the car dashboard for passersby to get a giggle at.

No matter how you make use of your Sock-To-Pus, it’ll surely leave you smiling.

Sweet Little Sock-To-Pus

When it comes to unique crafts, the Sock-To-Pus propels itself right to the top of the list! This new homemade friend is such a great way to get creative and stay occupied and is such a fun craft to do with the family.