The perfect morning routine is one that refreshes you and energizes you. A proper routine can do wonders for your health and mood, but far too many don’t enjoy their mornings. Perhaps you had a poor night’s sleep, or maybe you drag yourself out of bed and take too long to do the bare minimum. Regardless of why you aren’t getting the most out of your mornings, it’s time to step it up. Treat yourself to a better morning routine now, and you’ll be able to see through your goals for the entre year to come.

Instead, use this guide and try to improve your tomorrow. Your health and wellbeing deserve it!

The perfect morning routine is one that refreshes you and energizes you. Use this quick and easy guide and try to improve your tomorrow. Your health and wellbeing deserve it!

Start Your Day with Water

A big glass of water in the morning can wake you up better than coffee. We tend to sweat during our sleep and waking up dehydrated is normal. By starting your morning with a big glass of water, we can work to help our skin and kick-start our metabolism right. Try to only drink water until after you have eaten as well, so you can focus on building natural energy reserves before you opt for the caffeine.

Need to get more water into your diet but can't stand the plain stuff? Try these infused water recipes! Plus, check out some of the health benefits and some general tips & tricks!

Prepare Healthy Breakfasts in Advance

Healthy breakfasts are a big must. You can easily make it easy to enjoy by doing simple tasks in advance. You could cut up a fruit cocktail and store it in a reusable container in the fridge for the week, or you could have toaster-friendly breakfast options.

Fruits, vegetables, and grains are going to provide you with the biggest benefits early in the morning, however, so try to focus on these as your go-to breakfast choices.

Stretch or Do a Light Exercise

Before you head out or have a shower, try to do a short exercise routine or a stretch. Yoga in the mornings is a great way to combine both, but you can benefit from even just five minutes of guided stretches.

These stretches – or full-on exercise – offer so many benefits. It works to boost circulation, improve oxygen flow to the brain, and more. You’ll feel better and more awake because of it.

girl stretching on a purple yoga mat

Have Options for When You are Rushed

Perfect, lazy mornings are not always possible. You need to have a set of options if you are in a rush and don’t have time to treat yourself in the mornings as you’d like. Having single-day lenses like Precision One can mean that even if you didn’t properly clean your lenses the night before or if you rushed out of the house with your glasses on, you can still wear your lenses throughout the day. Just have a stash of Precision1 lenses in your bathroom, your purse, and even at your desk. This way, you always have that speedy back-up.

There are many examples like this, but you will need to focus on your routine. It may be a few wrapped breakfast sandwiches to go just in case you are late, or it could mean having a small set of makeup in your car for last-minute touch-ups.