Health and Safety Tips to Keep in Mind on Your Vacation

Vacation time is important. We all need a break and vacations are the perfect way to accomplish that. Whether your go-to is the beach or a campsite in the woods, there are a few basic safety tips you need to follow to make sure your health isn’t compromised on your vacation. Here are some simple ways you can make sure you’re staying healthy while also having fun on vacation.

Know Your Location

The best way to keep yourself safe on vacation is by knowing your location and what’s nearby. For example, Florida attracts more than 100 million visitors each year. If you’re vacationing in Florida, this means more than just knowing the name of the town you’ll be in. It means knowing the nearest emergency room, knowing the nearest gas station should you need to find medical supplies in an emergency, and also knowing what areas you may want to avoid. If you’re getting a 24 hour car rental, practice safe and sober driving. Should you be camping, knowing which parts of the woods to stay away from wild animals is a major role in keeping yourself safe. However, this also means knowing where the activities are that you want to partake in and what’s around them. Additionally, knowing where restaurants are that you may be interested in.

Keep a First Aid Kit

The next best way you can help to keep yourself safe and healthy is by carrying a first aid kit with you on your vacation. Even something as small as needing a bandaid can help you to avoid infections. However, should one of your kids have flown over the handlebars on their bike and scratched up their entire back, having a first aid kit with gauze, disinfectant, and an antibiotic ointment will be exactly what you need. It’s also a good thing to have so you have extra supplies. This is because the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends removing old bandages and checking for signs of infection every 24 hours. If you’re needing to change out and reapply gauze each day, having a first aid kit with a whole roll ready will come in handy.

Have a Safe Place to Stay

Aside from just knowing your location, having a safe place to stay is crucial, too. If you’re camping, having an RV may be the safest option for you. That said, it is projected that the revenue of truck, utility trailer, and RV rental and leasing in the U.S. will amount to approximately $22.1 billion by 2024. Having an RV where you can lock the doors at night may provide you with a better sense of security than just a tent. At the same time, finding a reputable hotel may be better for your health and safety than staying in a cheaper motel. If you plan to be walking as your main mode of transportation, knowing how close the hotel is to the areas you hope to visit is worth considering, as well.

All in all, being aware of your surroundings and having extra emergency supplies are the best ways to help keep yourself healthy and safe while vacationing. You may also want to stay together in a group when traveling as well. While safety on vacation is important, don’t forget to have a good time as well. After all, you deserve the rest!