A skincare routine is critical to have, both for the health and look of your skin as well as a way for you to wind down and destress at the end of the night with a little ‘me time’. Whether you just wear sunscreen during the day or makeup, it is essential to go to bed with a clean face so that it can properly rejuvenate overnight without any leftover buildup.

Here are 5 products that can really make a difference and if you aren’t already using them, that you can use to step up your nighttime skincare routine:

5 Ways to Step Up Your Nighttime Skincare Routine

1) The double cleanse method 

The double cleanse method helps to really make sure you are removing what needs to be removed at the end of the day. Many people find that if they simply wash once with a cleanser, they will still have and even see makeup leftover and that is not what you want here! The first cleanse of the double cleanse method generally uses an oil-based cleanser. So, that is oil to oil removal, which is often found to be more effective. This removes oil-based sunscreen, products, and buildup particularly well. Or perhaps this first cleanse is done with micellar water or cleansing balm. Then the next step is to use a standard cleanser, whether it be a hydrating one or another targeted cleanser.

2) Exfoliation (BHA, AHA)

Exfoliation helps to reveal brighter skin underneath and removes any buildup. There are two main types: BHA’s and AHA’s. AHA’s mainly stay on the surface of the skin and help to even out the skin tone. BHA’s are oil-soluble and can get deeper into the pores to remove sebum and dead skin cells.

Woman prepping for her nighttime beauty routine

3) Serums

Serums are incredibly impactful and great products to add to your skincare routine. For a boost of moisture, incorporate hyaluronic acid to your routine. For skin tone, pigmentation, and protecting against environmental damage use a vitamin C serum. Due to their sophisticated formula, it’s crucial to choose high-quality serums from trusted brands, such as BI+ skincare for example.

4) Retinol or retinoid 

Retinol or retinoid helps with cell turnover and reveals more youthful skin. It can protect against fine lines, wrinkles, acne, etc. It can take some time for your skin to adjust, so use it sparingly, moisturize, and use a heavier product to moisturize and protect your lips, nose, and eyes. There are different levels and strengths of retinol, so consult with your dermatologist to find the right routine for you. You can also try the natural alternative, Bakuchiol if retinol is too intense for your skin.

5) Occlusive moisturizer

An occlusive moisturizer is necessary to seal in everything and prevent water loss during the night. Especially after using serums and your other critical skincare products, you want to make sure to lock those in and protect your skin for the night. Bonus if you give the other products time to soak in before pressing in your moisturizer.

Do you have a solid skincare regimen that you love? If so, does it include any of these steps?