Shopping for your wife but don’t really have any good ideas on where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve come up with some romantic gift ideas that she’ll love! We came up with 10 ideas designed to fit a wide range of budgets and occasions. So, whether you’re looking for something special for a milestone birthday, your anniversary, or “just because,” you’ll have no problem finding something amazing. FYI, all of these ideas also work for wives shopping for husbands, wives shopping for wives, husbands shopping for husbands, and even just to get yourself something special. 🙂

Book a Romantic Getaway for Two

Let’s kick off this list with a really grand idea, shall we? I promise, there are more affordable ideas below. If your wife has a “bucket list” of places she wants to visit, you can buy tickets to one at the top of her list and give her a real “dream comes true” moment. Of course, you may want to book that trip for after things settle down and it’s safe to travel again.

If traveling is out of your price range (or you don’t want to wait until things calm down to use your gift), then you can go for a “staycation” in your hometown. Plan a holiday trip for one or two days to a romantic yet cheap gateway nearby and make the most of it. You can check your region’s tourism website to learn about upcoming events or activities and book your trip accordingly. Even just a night or two in a hotel down the street makes for a romantic gift. Order room service and spend the night reconnecting.

Preserved Rose

No one can deny the fact that flowers are indeed a romantic and thoughtful gift. Instead of gifting your wife fresh roses that won’t last more than a few days, you can gift her a bouquet of preserved roses. Preserved roses are natural roses that last for more than a year. Yes, you heard it right, MORE than a year! And you don’t even have to take any special care of them to keep them that way.

You can order the preserved roses in a heart or other beautiful shapes. You can even customize them by buying preserved roses and real gold-dipped roses from  They’re really a neat and romantic gift for your partner.

An illustrative image of a golden rose with a plain, blurry background.


Jewelry is one of those timeless romantic gifts that you can rarely go wrong with. It doesn’t even have to be expensive. In fact, there are many budget-friendly options available if you think outside the typical diamond-ring-box. Some ideas for jewelry are photo pendants, charm bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and many more. Just think about your partner’s unique tastes and choose something that will be meaningful to them. For example, for a book lover, you may get a charm bracelet inspired by literary characters. For a dog lover, maybe a photo pendant of her pooch. Get creative! Jewelry gifts aren’t all about pricey diamonds.

Wine Subscription

If your partner is a wine connoisseur, then this could be the perfect gift. Even better, it’s something you can both enjoy together. There are so many “wine of the month” type clubs out there. Find one that fits your budget as well as your particular tastes. Then, set aside “wine delivery day” as your special monthly date night at home. Pop open the bottles, throw on some music or a good movie, and cheers to life!

Perfume Subscription

Does your partner love trying out new scents? Then a perfume subscription makes a fantastic romantic gift idea! Each month, they’ll receive a few samples of new scents to try out, which usually come in a travel spray bottle. Along with newly released perfumes, subscriptions also send out timeless classics. Then, once you find one your partner loves, you can order a full-sized bottle.


A Theragun may not sound like a “romantic” idea, but as someone with constantly aching muscles, believe me, it’s a positively divine gift! If you haven’t heard of them, they’re “percussive therapy” devices that deliver a deep massage to sore muscles. Fair warning, they’re not cheap. However, they’re something both of you can use again and again.

Phone Sanitizer

Another gift that doesn’t sound romantic, a phone sanitizer is actually a pretty unique gift for those who take sanitization very seriously. Given the current state of COVID affairs,  it is necessary to sanitize everything properly, but sanitizing mobiles or other small gadgets is not possible every time. With the help of the newly designed “PhoneSoap”– a UV-powered disinfecting device, your partner can sanitize phones, credit cards, and even jewelry.

Tote Bags

For those on a tight budget, cute tote bags can make a wonderful gift that shows your wife that you’re thinking of her (and she’ll think of you every time she uses it). Think beyond the basics and get something that reflects her passions.  A tote bag is a classic style statement and she can take it anywhere— be it the gym or to an overnight trip. You can even print her initials in it to give it a personalized touch.


If your partner is a gadget fanatic, then a Smartwatch can be an awesome gift. The high-tech features that include smartphone notifications, sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, calorie counter, and attractive looks make Smartwatch a perfect gift. If your budget permits, you can even buy another smartwatch for yourself too.

Homemade Chocolates

A homemade and handmade thing means a lot. You don’t need to go to the mall and buy those overpriced mass-produced chocolates to impress your partner You can make them in your own home. There are plenty of YouTube videos on making homemade chocolates. Here’s an easy one to try:


Honestly, as long as you’re buying a gift from the heart, your wife will love anything that you give her. If none of the ideas above feel right, then just trust your gut. It truly is the thought that counts, and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.