While many people consider summer the time for the beach and family gatherings, it is also the perfect time to plan and tackle different home improvement projects. The weather is always fine and the mood is right for you to pay attention to the needs of your house. This is the ideal time to assess the place, have a repair plan, and make the upgrades it deserves. So, what are the best home remodeling projects that you can do this summer?

Clever Home Remodeling Projects to Do This Summer

Remodel Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the common spaces your family uses most in the house. When it is summer, you should consider making updates that suit your family’s needs. Bathroom remodels are one of the top three most-completed home renovation projects, along with interior painting and flooring updates. When you do your bathroom remodel, consider energy-efficient improvements for your bathroom. Updates such as installing a new shower, new tile floor, and a standard toilet will change your house significantly. When it comes to a practical bathroom remodeling project, rely on the skills and expertise of a remodeling contractor to get the job done well.

Build an Outdoor Kitchen

Summer is the time for outdoor activities. Building an outdoor kitchen is among the best improvement projects that you can consider. This is vital as it allows you to hold family gatherings and parties without the fear of limited space. The outdoors is convenient as you get enough space, fresh air, and a chance to engage in different fun activities with your loved ones. An outdoor kitchen is an essential update as it is easy to complete when you work with a reputable remodeling contractor. This is an improvement project that will help you create a new family tradition for every summer afterward.

Interior and Exterior Painting

After a long and boring winter, summer gives the hope for refreshing changes that you and your family need. Summer provides homeowners with the chance to repair the wear from the winter and have a fresh start. This means it is time to consider interior and exterior painting. This is vital as you get to give your house a new look and add to its value in the long run. In 2019 alone, the number of existing homes sold after effective interior and exterior painting was more than 5.34 million. This only proves how remodeling and improvement projects such as painting raise the value of your home.

Invest in New Windows

Summertime is all about brightness and fun. After a long cold winter season, it is time you consider investing in new windows. With new windows, you have the chance to brighten your house and change the mood by letting in more natural light. With new windows, you also get to cut energy costs and reduce the total operational costs within your residence. When you hire a reputable remodeling contractor, you’ll learn more about energy-efficient windows you can use for upgrading your house.


Summertime is also the time to consider productive gardening and landscaping activities. It is time to make your compound and the backyard all flowery and attractive. You can start a kitchen garden, plant vegetables, and other edible plants to serve you and your family during summer. You can add more lights outside, create a rose garden and install paths around your house with flagstones to add beauty and elegance. Most residential family homes in the U.S. primarily involve improvement projects, with an estimated 67% of them being landscaping projects. Landscaping projects are vital as they increase the aesthetic and market value of the property.

Summer gives you as a homeowner an opportunity to upgrade and improve different aspects of your property. The value and sustainability your residence will provide to your family depend on the efforts put in maintaining it. There are several clever remodeling projects that you can do this summer which is why the above tips become beneficial. You should, however, work with a remodeling contractor to increase the level of project success in the long run.