Couples have small weddings for different reasons. A small wedding could be their vision, it could be a space factor or even a budget constraint. Whatever the case, private weddings offer opportunities for creativity and personalization.

There are so many small wedding ideas that couples can explore in creating a cozy ambiance and leaving personal touches. They also get to give quality time and entertainment to guests, which big weddings often lack. So if you’re thinking of how to plan a small wedding, see some quick wedding ideas to apply.

Small wedding ideas

Get a wedding subscription box

DIY brides planning a small wedding should get a bride box before anything. Bridal services like Miss to Mrs. are committed to helping the bride plan a small wedding from start to finish. A Miss to Mrs.Bridal box is like the ultimate wedding planner with nine themed boxes that cover engagement until the honeymoon. This bridal service designed four tailored plans (accelerated, quarterly, monthly, and extended) to fit every bride.

Every box is carefully curated with items that guide you through planning tasks and timelines. You’ll know what to do at each point, whether planning or taking time out. You have planners, wedding inspiration, decor items, vow books, beauty and spa essentials, jewelry, etc. The bridal box subscription also caters to Mrs and Mrs, so you’re covered too. Planning your small wedding becomes fun because you have a companion that guides you without overwhelming. You spend so little on quality.

Incorporate events in the wedding

For a small number of guests, you could incorporate small wedding ideas and events to make it fun. There are many things to do for your wedding like trivia, scavenger hunts, sightseeing, craft, cooking, etc. Split the guests into interest classes or groups and aim for winners. This breaks the ice most beautifully.

Break the ice with potluck meals

With few guests, ask them to show up with their recipes or delicacies. Everyone will get a taste of the next person’s meal, experiencing different styles and cultures. This breeds a space where guests can know each other and build relationships beyond the wedding.

Choose your “splurge”

With a small wedding, the pressure on your budget is off and you save a lot. This gives you the freedom to splurge on what’s important to you. It could be your decor, cake, jewelry, or hiring your dream makeup artist. However, splurge within reason so that you don’t end up in debt, even after a small wedding.

slice of layered cake with berry mousse and with chocolate icing

Wear your best color

At your small wedding, the guests are your nearest and dearest. You don’t need to impress or shy away from yourself. Express your personality by opting for your best-colored wedding dress. Make your day about you.

Ditch the caterers for food trucks

If you’re having a casual wedding, one of the best simple small wedding ideas is hiring a food truck. You’ll save tons of money while allowing the guests have fun with an assortment of dishes. Ensure that the food truck is legally registered and permitted to run the business to avoid chaos.

Show off your skills

Wow the guests with your cooking, baking, painting, craft, or any other skills you possess. It will surely be an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Beautiful hand made everlasting dry wreath made of roses, hydrangea flowers and eucalyptus on the grey wall background

Take group photos

Small weddings make it easy to handle all the guests with little effort. They can all be arranged in beautiful shapes. Take as many as time permits and preserve them. You’ll look at them always and remember what a beautiful day you had.

Personalize your invites

Hosting a small number of guests means you’ll have time to handle them all. Start from your invites by making them more personal. You could send them off with custom flutes or wine bottles engraved with their names. It could also be in form of a disc that has a video of you and your lover inviting them. They’ll cherish such personalization.

Get creative with the venue choice

A small wedding serves you the advantage of having it at your favorite spot without concern for a crowd. Choose venues that appeal to you, like your favorite restaurant, where you met, etc. If you want something more unconventional, you could opt for a winery, library, museum, or anywhere else. Check the number of guests allowed before making your move.

Gift heartfelt wedding favors

As a DIY bride, favors help you show your creative prowess. Appreciate your guests’ presence with handmade gifts that a meaningful and useful. Jars of herbs, spices, coffee beans, etc., are perfect. You can also opt for edible creations that guests can much on as they travel back.

A variety of succulent wedding favors with name tags.

Ditch the DJ and opt for a playlist

Skip the DJ and curate a playlist that suits everyone’s taste. This is possible with small weddings. Designate a local musician to handle the playlist while you enjoy yourself.

Go camping

Do you love the outdoors? Then here’s a unique wedding idea. Head off into the woods with your guests to camp and enjoy the wild. Say your vows in this place you love so much and enjoy wood-fired pizza, macaroons, smores, and tacos while at it.

 Cut down the bridal party

If you want a bridal party, make do with your maid of honor. Cutting down the bridal party decompresses your favor budget and reduces your guest list.

 Have a destination wedding

As great private wedding ideas go, destination weddings come tops. Take a trip with your guests to that place you’ve been itching to go to. Say your vows in the presence of these few people and head off to your honeymoon. This is a very intimate setting.

Small weddings are intimate and very romantic if you know what to do. Take inspiration from these small wedding ideas and create a memorable wedding event.

15 Intimate Small Wedding Ideas and Tips

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