In 2021, seeking employment involves networking effectively, seeking work offline, taking some courses to update skills, keeping your resume updated, writing customized cover letters, and preparing for job interviews. Below are some tips to get you started for every lifestyle and job type.

Looking for a New Position? Check Out These Job Seeking Tips

Network Consistently

You should learn to network online and in person in 2021 to find work no matter what your lifestyle. Social networking platforms like LinkedIn are a great way to network. This site is used by over 90% of hiring managers and is a site for businesses and job seekers. It has over 500 million members around the globe. You can create a profile, connect with professionals, and ask for recommendations from people you know on this network.

Research hiring managers for companies you are interested in working for and send an email and resume to them. Then, follow up with a phone call. Other social media sites like Facebook have job groups, and Twitter is a good place to connect with company leaders. Join online job boards, go to job fairs, attend local networking events, and seek out individuals willing to set up networking and informational interviews.

Seek Opportunities Outside Of What You Find Online

Research companies and industries you are interested in working for and find the name of managers you can interview. Send them an email and ask to talk with them on the phone or in-person for 10 or 15 minutes about working in that field. Attend a networking event in your field and bring business cards and resumes with you.

Your local Chamber of Commerce and colleges often have networking events and job fairs. Try to attend conferences or join a local professional group in the industry you are studying. If you attend school, try to get work experience through internships before graduating. Volunteer your time to an organization to get experience and contacts.

Take a Course or Two to Enhance Your Marketability

Learning a new skill by enrolling in an online course or at your local college can boost your marketability. Taking a course in business skills, computers, or a language are skills employers are seeking. With the economy becoming a global market, language skills are important to companies. Taking a refresher course in a language you know; Spanish, Chinese, or French are in high demand.

Companies need customer service staff and sales that can communicate with customers and translate. Did you know over 200 languages are spoken in New York City? Learning a second language could even add 10-15% to your salary. An online digital language program can help you refresh your language skills.

Computer, data analytics, and statistics are other skills employers seek. Analyzing data has become important to the marketing, advertising, and sales departments in most companies. Taking a course in data analytics and statistics will help you get started. Learning how to use a popular computer program will make your resume stand out.

Clean Up Your Resume and Keep It Updated

Keep your resume short; one or two pages is acceptable. Hiring managers prefer short resumes, as they do not want to read several pages. Use a summary of your skills instead of a career objective on your resume. Cut outdated information, and only include relevant employment in your past 10 to 15 years. Highlight your most recent job or volunteer experience, education, and updated skills. Invest in a professional resume writing service to help you with design and writing.

Craft a Unique Cover Letter For Each Opportunity

For every job that you apply for, it is important to write a customized letter. Review the company and website before responding to a specific job. Learn about the job and explain how your skills and experience fit the position. No matter what industry you work in, a customized letter will stand out.

Did you know that over 2.2 million Americans have jobs in energy efficiency? When customizing a letter for this industry, you might talk about how you made a home more energy efficient with improvements or how you designed an energy-efficient appliance that saves consumers money. Every customized letter will give you an edge.

Prepare for Each Job Interview

Research the company and learn as much as you can about it. Prepare some questions to ask about the job for the interview. Practice answering some common questions before you go. Rehearse some positive examples of how you improved or changed something at work. Prepare answers to questions about your greatest strengths and weaknesses and why you want to work for a particular company. Dress professionally, be on time, and bring samples of your work when requested.

The job search tips we have provided fit any lifestyle and will help all types of individuals.