Reading is a fun and affordable pastime that keeps our minds fed and stimulated, but sometimes we don’t do it nearly as much as we’d like. Our lives are too busy, too noisy, too crazy. The right space is what you need to revitalize your love for reading!

Most of us nerds curl up with a book to flee reality, learn new perspectives, or just stay safely tucked away at home. Whether you are reading for leisure, for an exam, or to increase your proficiency at work, there has never been a more reader-friendly time than now. 

To get started and get the most value from books, you must first design the perfect space. Let’s nerd out together.

Reading Corner Ideas for Cool Nerds: Rekindle Your Love for Books

Designate a quiet space as your reading corner

The reading corner can be a separate room, a dedicated room such as a second living room, an office, or a library. With a little inventiveness, you may be able to transform any cramped and small space into a splendid reading zone.

There are different criteria to take into account to create this new space in your room. Obviously, it is best not to choose a location too close to the TV or home theater. You will need peace and quiet to really help you get the most out of reading.

Size shouldn’t matter. Even if your living room is small, it is quite possible to create an environment that’s conducive to reading. Just ensure that you have enough light in the reading area.

Ideally, you should be able to read with plenty of natural sunlight in the middle of the day. And for the evening, try adding on an auxiliary light such as a reading light, a floor lamp, or a table lamp.

Bring in furniture

Now that you have a reading room, corridor, or corner in mind, bring in the furniture. It could be something as simple as a bench created from scratch with cushions or if you have space, a trendy daybed to laze around while reading. You can also choose an ergonomic chair when you need to read near a window or a large sofa for the library.

For comfort when reading, choose a large armchair with armrests and dressed in a comfortable fabric (velvet, for example). Plaid is nice, too! There’s something about it that really makes you want to curl up and read. Add a small pedestal table or a side table to make the place more pleasant and functional. 

On it, you can place books, candles, vases, decoration, reading glasses, and the delicious cup of coffee that accompanies any reading!

Add a little pizzazz for warmth and ambiance

Place a comfy rug on the floor to define your cozy little corner. On the wall, a colored wall section or a photo canvas wallpaper wall section will liven up and distinguish the reading spaces from the rest of the home.

Next, think about the bookcase. You can choose a high bookcase over an entire section of the wall, a low bookcase for the underside of a window, a colorful bookcase, or a designer bookcase. Make a choice that suits your tastes and needs. Would you like to have all of your books here or just a few?

Remember too that the way you store your books there can help decorate the place. By color, by size, by publishing house, anything is possible! She is the star of the room, so decorating it is important. To personalize it, do not hesitate to distill some memories, objects that are dear to you, or photo frames.

Let there be light

The reading corner must be well lit since it is a place intended to devour books. So, the idea is not to damage your eyes! 

For a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere, think about installing several different lighting: a ceiling light to illuminate the entire room if necessary, several wall lights to clip onto the shelves of the library, or spotlights to integrate for a subdued light that will help you to find the book you are looking for and especially a floor lamp or a reading light near the armchair where you will devour your books.

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