Some sections of society associate marijuana with cigarettes because it is smoked just like cigarettes, and decide that marijuana is bad altogether for human health. The fact that some American states have stiff penalties for possession of marijuana apparently confirms their thoughts.

Benefits of Medical Marijuana for Pain Treatment

Hands of practitioner with stethoscope

Under Texas’s laws, for instance, a person who possesses up to 2 ounces of marijuana commits a Class B misdemeanor that causes up to 180 days in jail or a fine up to $2000.

Actually, there’s medical marijuana that is legally binding. It is prescribed by medical practitioners for their patients. Medical marijuana, or cannabis, is not used to cure diseases, but it is used to relieve symptoms. Read more to find out the benefits of medical marijuana on human health.

Relieves Chronic Pain

Medical marijuana is used to relieve chronic pain. Findings have confirmed its effectiveness in this area, such that 85% of the legal use of cannabis is employed for the treatment of pain.

Old folks are the main age group who suffer from chronic pain. Studies and findings have actually confirmed even elderly people can use medical marijuana to treat their constant pains.

Cheaper Than Prescription Drugs

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, so they say. When you do run out of apples though, that’s when the doctor’s bill tells you medicine is expensive. People get sick all the time.93% of children have sought the advice of a doctor in the last year. While medical marijuana is cheaper than drug prescriptions, the use of medical marijuana by children is not encouraged.

While adults’ health has responded well to its medical use, it is recommended for parents to regularly visit the doctor to enquire about their children’s health. That way, they could avoid the application of different types of pain management treatments such as medical marijuana on the kids’ health.

Seizure Regulation

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the cannabinoid present in marijuana that plays along with the brain’s serotonin system when medical marijuana enters the human system. Research carried out on CBD demonstrated that it can help control seizures. Consequently, medical marijuana is often used to attend to the health of an elliptical person.

Less Dangerous Side Effects

This right here is one of the concerns that cooks up controversies around the use of marijuana. ‘Is it safe to use?’ is the question. Indeed, medical marijuana has side effects like hallucinations, fast paced heartbeats, bloodshot eyes, among others. However, once the dosage is adjusted, its effects are made less dangerous. Drug prescriptions aren’t innocent either on the human health, they also have side effects like organ damage and addiction.

At day’s end, though, medical marijuana is made less dangerous through its dosage adjustments.

Increases Lung Capacity

A study discovered that marijuana assists in increasing the lungs’ capacity. The study concluded that it doesn’t harm the lungs. As a result, medical research has noted the potential that medical marijuana could have to ease lung cancer symptoms. On the other hand, there’s no evidence so far to elevate it as a treatment for the health condition.

Marijuana, one word that invites a commotion of firmly divided opinions concerning its use. Some say it should be legalized, others say something else. The use of marijuana is so controversial. While the use of marijuana is rooted in thick controversy, research and findings have justified its medical approach to human health.