If you have a disability or a long-term health problem, this article will help you get active.

Disability can steal your identity and it’s important to do things that give you meaning and purpose. This article will help you in the following areas: Include activity in your daily routine.

Look for exercising videos. Search for activities and sports. Here are some of the ways you can stay active with a disability.

Working part-time

Keeping active can promote healthy aging while you are living as a disabled person. Working a part-time job, if possible, can help you keep active and improve your overall physical functioning. Though it is often assumed that people with disabilities are incapable of working. Disabled people can find work, enjoy social activities, and interactions.

Most long-term disability policies will pay benefits even if you are working until age 65 or Social Security Normal Retirement Age, but only within certain parameters as income that exceeds $1.310 a month or (or 2.190 if you are blind) will not make you eligible for disability benefits unless you’re enrolled in one of social security disability programs.

Besides your social security disability, getting extra income can help you avoid financial problems like wage garnishment, which is one of the most difficult forms of debt collection to overcome. Creditors, such as credit cards and medical debt collectors can often take up to 25% of your income. There are other several ways to work with a disability to avoid wage garnishment -including renting out your space. You can also start selling unwanted things and another option is you can donate blood or seek donations.

Being active in your neighborhood

Try to build activity into your day by participating in outdoor physical activities. Walking for people with disabilities who can walk or move with the use of a wheelchair can be a great way to start. Many people with disabilities have a higher chance of getting obesity, cancer, or heart disease. So keeping up with some of the activities can improve your mental health. If you are up for the challenge, you can consider signing up for a career in sports. So why not become a Paralympian? You can keep active while living with a disability by participating in sports like cycling and golfing.

Being active in your home

Staying active at home is also a viable option. You can compile a set of home routine exercising videos that can help you enjoy yourself. Make a plan on at least staying active 4-5 days a week. You can do simple gardening but remember to confirm with your doctor about the number of physical activities you can handle. One out of five people is disabled. Therefore, there is a great demand for more physiatrists to serve and meet medical needs as the population ages. Chronic disease, chronic pain, neuromuscular and musculoskeletal conditions become more common, and keeping active can help you lead a healthy lifestyle as someone living with a disability.

Find support

Keeping active can be difficult if you are living with a disability. Sometimes we need someone to push us especially when we feel like giving up on ourselves. Getting support from friends or family can give you the strength you need to start again another day.

There are several ways to keep active with a disability. Being disabled can be stressful so don’t feel left out and start right away. Who knows, you might keep your social and healthy life active.