While boredom fosters an appreciation for excitement, hearing the words “I’m bored” from your child too often, and being stuck for engaging activities for them to do, can be daunting, especially during a day spent at home. Thankfully, there are a number of activities that you can do with your young child that will ensure their interest is captivated — and they don’t involve sitting in front of the television. From creating a unique scavenger hunt to the benefits of arts and crafts, here are just a few worthy ideas to consider the next time your child says those dreaded words.

Getting active with a scavenger hunt

One particularly innovative way to get your children out from in front of the TV is to get them active outside. From playing a simple game of catch to playing fetch with the dog, these ideas present a healthy alternative to sitting bored inside the house. However, you can present an even more captivating activity for your little ones by setting up a nature scavenger hunt right in your own backyard, which is a fantastic way to boost observation skills, as well as helping to develop early learning skills. By hiding messages and clues around the house that lead to a hidden treasure (which could be anything from candy to a new toy), you’re sure to invent a thought-provoking and adventurous day that holds the interest of any young child — and will be sure to wear them out in the process.
Unique Ways You Can Battle Boredom With Your Children

Fostering adventure with blanket forts

Creating a blanket fort is another way to keep your children entertained when stuck at home, and holds endless possibilities that will cater to those who are especially adventurous and imaginative. While you’ll likely have to help your child build the fort by showing them how to use fitted sheets for the roof and large blankets for the walls, allowing them to be in control of the major design elements (how big the fort should be, for example) will ensure they stay engaged and allow them to get more creative with it. Once finished, setting them up with their favorite toys and snacks inside can not only allow for a change of scenery, but will provide a unique and fun way to spend their day.

Unique Ways You Can Battle Boredom With Your Children

Creativity through arts and crafts

Arts and crafts are great ways to spark your child’s creativity, no matter what age they are, but there are ways you can make it even more interesting for younger children. For example, a simple arts and crafts project like creating a bird feeder out of an empty cardboard toilet paper roll is a great idea for younger children, and can segue into another activity — in this case, hanging it and watching out for bird activity. Similarly, painting wooden toy cars can not only allow your children to unleash their creativity and explore different colors, but it will give them something to play with afterwards.
Spending a day stuck at home can seem daunting, especially with a little one who always seems to be bored. However, by creating your own scavenger hunt, creating the ultimate blanket fort, and fostering creativity through arts and crafts, you’re sure to keep them captivated all day long — and without the need for screen time.