With the first full month of school coming to a close, chances are your kids’ initial back-to-school excitement is starting to wear off a bit. Now is the perfect time to dust off your supplies and try a few fun new crafts that will help get them hyped about learning all over again!

Why Do These Back-to-School Crafts NOW?

Doing back-to-school crafts- even after the school year started- is an activity that kids can enjoy and that will keep the excitement going.  It’s also an activity that parents and kids can bond over. Parents can join their kids in the fun of doing all sorts of crafts.

This activity is not only fun but also not so costly. Often, the materials for making these school crafts are readily available at home or in your recycling bin and if not, they’re still just plain affordable.

Moreover, with the crafts in this article, kids can enjoy more personalized school supplies that suit their liking and can have keepsakes to commemorate the school year. For the little ones, like pre-K and kindergarten students, there are simple but fun crafts that they can do with the assistance of their parents that can induce in them the back-to-school spirit.

Parents and kids can just choose from these crafts or get inspiration from these crafts and make a craft more their own with their own desired design or style. When you find a craft you’d like to do, just click on the link or watch the video below it.

School Supplies

Storages for Writing and Coloring Materials, Etc.

Bicycle Pen Holder

Making use of recycled paper and cardboard, this bicycle pen holder is a wonderful, eco-friendly means of storing pens, pencils, colored pencils, crayons, and other school supplies. It’s also decorative and can beautify a student’s study desk. This pen holder would be perfect for kids who love riding bikes. For a very aesthetic pen holder, it only requires a few recyclable or cheap materials such as used paper, used cardboard, barbeque stick, glue, scissors, paint, and beads, and it’s very easy to assemble.

Pizza Pencil Case

Kids love pizza! So they’d most probably love using this pizza pencil case for storing their writing and coloring materials as well. It’s very easy to put together using only brown, red, and yellow felt, a pencil, a ruler, scissors, velcro strips, and a glue gun. It doesn’t even require sewing.

Watermelon Pencil Box

Another pencil case with a design theme that’s delicious food that kids might also like is the watermelon pencil box. It offers a lot of storage and helps organize a student’s writing and coloring materials, etc. It’s composed of three compartments and even comes with dividers.

This pencil case is also eco-friendly, as it can be made with a used cardboard box. Although it’s only made with a cardboard box, when covered with colored paper with the colors of a watermelon that had been cut accordingly to create the details and a cute face for the pencil box, you get an adorable result.

Tin Can Organizer

The tin can organizer is an eco-friendly solution for keeping a study desk more neat and orderly. With this back-to-school craft, you can recycle tin cans by repurposing and revamping them. They’d go from containing food to organizing writing and coloring materials, etc. and looking nice with embellishments.

You would simply have to decorate the tin cans with decorative items such as scrapbook paper, beads, etc. one by one. Once you’ve finished decorating the tin cans, you can finally assemble them with a glue gun.

Backpack Decor

Backpack Patches

With these backpack patches, you can give an added oomph to a backpack. And you’ll be doing it in an eco-friendly, affordable way because you can use old denim jeans.

You can make any design on the lighter side of the denim with some textile paint. And once the paint dries, you can stick a pin at the back using liquid silicone for attaching. Or another option for attaching would be to use an iron-on adhesive.

Yarn Backpack Keychains

Cute, fluffy, colorful, and eye-catching, these yarn backpack keychains would make great additions to any backpack. These keychains could add more color and aesthetic to a backpack. Creating these yarn keychains is as easy as doing some snips, assembling, wrapping around, trimming, and the results are keychains that could make a statement.

Backpack Designs

You can transform a boring-looking backpack with various designs that you can choose from. Some popular DIY backpack designs are the watercolor backpack, studded backpack with faux fur straps, and gold foil backpack.

Popsicle Sticks Bookmarks

Disney Princesses Popsicle Sticks Bookmarks

Little girls can unleash their artistic side and inner princesses with the Disney princesses popsicle sticks bookmarks. They can paint their favorite Disney princesses on popsicle sticks that they can use as bookmarks.

Minions and Hulk Popsicle Sticks Bookmarks

We also have some popsicle sticks bookmarks designs for the boys, which are the Minions and Hulk. These are some cartoon character designs that boys might be interested in.

Pencil Popsicle Sticks Bookmarks

If you want to stick with a school-themed design for your popsicle sticks bookmarks, you can do the pencil design instead. Or if you want to have a set of colorful bookmarks, you may do crayon designs.


Notebook Decor

Fuzzy Monsters Notebook

A nice-looking notebook can also make a difference in a student’s studies. It can inspire them in their studies. And when they make it themselves, it can be fun to do like the fuzzy monsters notebook.

Creating this requires some yarn, cardboard, ribbon, felt, scissors, a pencil, a ruler, a glue gun, and a little patience. It can be a process, but the cute monster design you get as a result is worth it.

Variety of Designs

If you want a simpler design, there are other less complicated design themes you can go with like laboratory flasks, unicorn, watermelon, panda, and triangles. A variety of items for decorating would be needed depending on which theme you choose.

Binder Covers

Washi Tape Binder Covers

Using washi tape can be a cheap but very aesthetically pleasing way for decorating school supplies like binders. With the use of washi tape with different designs and stock boards, you can create different patterns for covering your binders.

Snack and Lunch Storage

Silly Face Sandwich Bags

The silly face sandwich bags, with the funny faces created on them using googly eyes and markers, is another thing that can bring about a happy snack time or lunch for kids aside from the delicious food moms would prepare for their kids. They may even lighten up a kid’s mood whenever there’s a tough time at school.


Popsicle Sticks School Bus Picture Frame

Taking first day of school photos is a nice way of commemorating the first day of school. But you might also want to enframe them in a nice frame like the popsicle sticks school bus picture frame. It’s not so hard to stick together the popsicle sticks to form the bus frame, but quite fun.

Back-to-School Photo Prop

Another back-to-school craft great for keepsakes is the back-to-school photo prop, which is a frame made of sidewalk chalk and some wood. It may take a lot of effort, but it looks wonderful and can even be used every year for the first day of school photos.

Simple but Fun Crafts for Pre-K and Kindergarten

Back-to-School Bus Paper Chain Countdown

Through the back-to-school bus paper chain countdown, kids would be able to identify how many days are left until school starts and can prepare their mindset for the start of the school year. This is a very simple craft that makes use of colored paper to create a school bus with paper chains attached that you can hang on a wall. For each day that passes, one link from the paper chain can be removed.

School Bus Discovery Bottle

The school bus discovery bottle is another eco-friendly way to pleasurably create cute crafts. It allows you to beautify a bottle whether recycled or upcycled by turning it into a school bus. You’d fill it with cut-up yellow colored paper or anything yellow you can find even and then add in finishing details on the outside of the bottle to complete the bus design.

Paper Backpack

The paper backpack is another opportunity to recycle if you have paper bags from the store you last shopped at, or you can purchase some if you don’t have any but still want to do it. Kids can have fun creating this backpack, filling it with their vocabulary, and playing pretend as preparation for school. Review materials can also be placed inside this backpack.


Reclaim that back-to-school feeling of excitement with these fun crafts! You can even save a few to do on the 100th day of school!

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