Your garage can be more than a space to keep your car, as you can use it as a workspace, a kid’s play area, or a neatly organized storage room. Some renovations to the garage will naturally be more valuable than others, and you want to consider this if there’s a chance you will sell your house at some point.

The following five tips will help you make your garage a useful space this winter.

Build Shelves for Storage

Any home can use as much storage as possible because more storage makes it easier to stay organized and avoid clutter. This is evidenced by the fact that the self-storage industry, including that of portable storage, is very strong and is set to grow even more. A report by Bold Business states that since 2012, the $38 billion industry has grown 7.7% each year. You can make use of your garage to fulfill your storage needs by adding shelves inside it. Whether you have them custom-made or you buy them from a local store, shelves will make your garage a great storage space for your home.

You can store sports equipment, gardening equipment, cleaning supplies, appliances, and even vegetables when it’s chilly in your garage space.

Add Better Lighting Features

Good lighting can change any space from being dull and lifeless to a live and functional one. This will make it possible to use the space to work and get organized. With proper lighting, it will be easy to find things that have been stored in the garage. When adding new lighting, go for energy-efficient options, as these will help you save while keeping your garage illuminated and functional.

Insulate and Vent the Space for Sensitive Items

It’s a good idea to add vents and insulation in your garage if you will use it to store sensitive items. These include fertilizer for your lawn and any sensitive chemicals and cleaning agents you have in the house. Ventilation will make sure that the garage has air circulating in it to keep it free of toxic fumes, which may accumulate in an enclosed space. With 98% of basements in America bound to suffer from one type of water damage in their lifetime, it’s good to store items that you don’t want getting water damage in the garage rather than in the basement.

Install a Security System

For a secure garage in which you can store game consoles, entertainment centers, and other valuable items, install a security system. This will ensure that you have peace of mind any time you leave valuable items inside it. Because it’s a bit cut off from the rest of the house, the garage needs an extra layer of security, like surveillance cameras and motion sensors. Ensuring the door shuts well will also play a major role in adding to your garage’s security, so install a sturdy lock on your door and make sure that only your family has the key.

Leave Plenty of Space for Your Vehicle

Finally, you should not forget about your car, as this is the main purpose of having a garage. While putting up shelves and doing your renovations, make sure that there’s enough room for your vehicle. Consider the size of your vehicle so you know that you will have room to park comfortably and alight. A vehicle like a Ford, whose signature blue oval logo was introduced four years after production by the company had begun, will need ample room to ensure you can safely remove items like groceries whenever you bring them home.

Spare some time this winter to make your garage a functional space, and your whole family will be happy to get the extra room they need for storage and more.