Because the pandemic is still a concern, you might not have access to the best salons right away. But once you look up a few hair hacks from celebs, you can try to use these for your hair care routine. Celebrities have always inspired generations with their picture-perfect tresses and just-in-place locks! While the right headband wig human hair option is something they use from time to time, most modern-day celebrities prefer to style their hair naturally. That being said, they do have the best professionals to help them. However, you can follow these hair-related tips from famous names.

anti aging hair tips

Air Drying

Ditch the hair dryer and let your hair air dry. This helps you understand the true advantages of air-drying hair. Celebrities have gone on record stating that they prefer air drying wet hair since it leaves the hair soft. In fact, hair dryers take away the moisture from your hair. Over time, with frequent use, your locks tend to become limp if exposed to heat to such extents. Air-drying sure has its advantages, but it is for days when you can afford to wait out for your mane to dry!

Accessorize Right

You might never have a week without your hair not cooperating. Bad hair days are normal. Yes, even celebrities go through them. The hack here is that you should not fret much over such days. Consider investing in accessories such as silk scarves, pearl bands and bow ties, which are saviors when it comes to styling hair perfectly on days when those strands seem unmanageable. You can also use floral-style clips and bobby pins to style loose strands of hair. 

Braiding Basics

Celebrities always have vouched for braiding. The right braid can save your hair from looking flat or dull. On days when you just do not know how to deal with your frizzy and untrimmed locks, a braid can come to rescue. Bantu knots are also a good option. Celebrities have been seen flaunting such hairstyles all over social media. 

Slicking your Tresses Back

Top celebrities have gone on record saying how a single bobby pin, some setting spray, and slicking back hair can work wonders.  You can also go in for some straightening with a flat ironing but ensure that you do not over the process.

No Shying away from Oil

While oily hair tends to look flat, you need to maintain the natural oils just right. The idea that celebrities propagate is that oils in the hair need to be in place. That’s why it’s important to hydrate your hair. Condition it on a weekly basis. Take care of hair, this alone helps you make hairstyles look fabulous. Use oils on hair that suit the scalp. This prevents split ends, dullness, and frizz. This tip can transform even the limpest of hairs.

Massages work Wonders

Celebrities have often advised that head and hair massages are something they invest time and money in. For your hair to look good, you can get massages from time to time. Using natural products also works well. You can ensure that you sleep off after a nice massage. Allow your hair some breathing time. Post massage, shampoo your hair as well. Regularly investing in this regimen will lead to awesome results to flaunt.


Maintaining good hair isn’t rocket science. Styling it right doesn’t take too much money or time. You only need to be consistent with your hair routines and use these hacks to make bad hair days into great opportunities for awesome hairdos!