Timely renovations and remodeling projects will often help improve the value of your home. However, embracing modern trends will guarantee you better returns. That means you must understand which improvements you need to consider in your home. This way, you are confident of the maximum returns in the long run. The following are the three most popular improvement investments you could consider.

3 Home Improvement Investments to Plan for 2022

Prioritize the Curb Appeal

Curb appeal aims at giving potential visitors and homebuyers the impression of the house. Usually, it dictates the aesthetic value the exterior of your house highlights. Various aspects help determine the attractiveness of your home, from the lawns to the hardscape within the property. Focusing on these elements will help attain the level of satisfaction you envision.

Excellent landscaping should be a priority. Such improved landscaping services will help boost the value of your property by between 5.5 and 12.7 percent, which is significant in the real estate market. Proper lawn maintenance involves excellent aeration, fertilizer application, composting garden waste, and regular watering. You’ll also need to trim this lawn from time to time.

You’ll also need to consider the roof of your house. A perfect roof will highlight the beauty of your home. Ensure that you choose a roof that matches the architectural design of your house. This way, you can define the personality of your home and even boost its market value. However, you must get a skilled, experienced, and reputable roofing contractor to handle this roof improvement project. Such a professional can install reliable roofs which will last for between 20 and 30 years.

The driveway is worth improving too. An excellent driveway should have no cracks or weeds growing around it. You could reseal this driveway that needs to be resealed from time to time. However, you can consider a few touchups only if you are on a tight budget.

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

The kitchen and the bathroom are some of the essential rooms in any household. Keeping these rooms a little more modern and elegant will often add to your comfort and luxury in the long run. Timely and regular renovations will also increase the market value of your property.

Most people are now embracing darker themes in the kitchen. Dark countertops and cabinets are now taking over. Some of the colors used to offer this contemporary theme include midnight greens, black marble, and earthy walnut. The tile backsplash is also another trend. This aspect helps enhance the detail-oriented nature of the owner.

Refreshing your cabinets will also come in handy. You can either update or install new ones. However, installing new ones should be the last resort. On the other hand, you can update your cabinets in different ways: deep cleaning, painting, door replacement, and changing the hardware. The choice will depend on what you want to achieve. At the same time, replace your lighting.

You’ll also need to give your bathroom a fresher look. First, ensure that you install premium-quality sink vanities. These sink vanities assure you of a minimalist appeal. You could also go for new mirrors and even bathroom lighting ideas. Ensuring that your bathroom looks more spacious and elegant could help improve your comfort. Further, organic design ideas could help.

Make Your Exterior Comfortable and Appealing

Various homeowners are now opting for specialized outdoor rooms. These rooms need to offer a contemporary touch, allowing you to relax at all times. Whether you choose an open or closed plan, ensure that there is adequate air quality. According to multiple studies in the US, over 80% of homeowners would be more comfortable in houses with improved air quality. An excellent outdoor room should have various amenities, including heaters, pergolas, fire tables, and a custom bar.

In conclusion, home improvement is an ongoing project that you should consider doing yearly. It allows you to add a touch of modernity and class to your house. Feel free to embrace any of the trends mentioned above.