Winter break is right around the corner, which means now is the time to make sure you have some activities planned to keep your kids entertained. Here are a few fun things you and your kids can do as a family to keep boredom at bay.

1. Play Minecraft

As of May 2020, there have been more than 200 million copies of Minecraft sold. This shows just how popular this game is, and with such a large fan base, it’s likely that there will be many friends of your children playing it as well. This will create the opportunity for them to have plenty of fun stories to share with their friends when school gets back in session. Just make sure that your kids know not to click on things they shouldn’t when they play online. About 87% of people say that there are more ads right now than there were two years ago.

5 Fun Things for Kids to Do Over Winter Break

2. Have a Spa Day

Make a relaxing foot spa for everyone to soak their feet in and take a break, and follow it up with a pedicure and manicure. You can even do each other’s nails in the end if there are bottles of nail polish around. To make the event fully personal, you can venture into making your own relaxing soaps and lotions if you can get the materials early enough. Wind it all up with a fun spa-like meal of fresh fruit and sandwiches, and you will all be a bit happier when all is done.

3. Paint Up

For a family that’s more into the DIY life, you can set aside some time to paint. If you have a room that needs to get a new look, you can do some brainstorming as a family about the type of paint you can get for it, as well as the exact shade. If it’s a room that you can risk gambling with, you can choose a bold color or combination of colors and experiment with it. With about 1.57 billion gallons of paint sold in America every single year, you can be sure many children may not get the hands-on experience of painting a room in their house. Give your children the opportunity, and it may be the most fun they have this season!

4. Volunteer

With the holidays here, it’s important to teach your children the true spirit of the holidays which lies in sharing. Volunteer as a family at a local food bank, or find an organization near where you live that’s in need of some assistance. Doing this will enable your children to learn to be compassionate, and they will likely carry the lessons they learn at this point throughout their lives.

5. Make Bird Feeders

If you have a yard outside your house, you can make some bird feeders to help feed the birds that are not hibernating in winter. Find some instructions on how to do it online. YouTube has plenty of tutorials you can follow, and your local craft store may have some ideas for you to play around with, too.

If you’re not planning for a holiday this winter, it’s possible to stay happy and productive at home. Make use of one or more of the tips above, and you will likely have the most amazing holiday as a family yet.