As a homeowner, you may be wondering if there’s any way to breathe new life into your home in an easy and orderly way. The good news is that this is possible, and below are three home improvements that will offer you both aesthetic and functional upgrades to make your home enviable and more valuable.

Home Improvements to Consider This Year

It is time to start this renovation

The Roof

It may not seem like it, but the roof over your home can change the way it looks and make it seem like a brand new house if done right. If you’ve noticed leaks or uneven lines on your roof over time, these are both signs that you need to have it looked at by an expert. If it’s been a while since you had it inspected, have it done right away. This will allow you to find out if you need to make any changes and what these changes are. Depending on its state, it may be a matter of making some repairs or replacing the entire roof.

If you end up needing a new roof, you need to think carefully about the materials, colors, and quality you desire. You may choose a darker or lighter roof based on the climate where you live, or pick a different design of roof that you feel will improve the overall architecture of your house. A fully recyclable roof like stone-coated steel roofing is also a great option. It’s also lightweight at 1.4 lbs per sq ft and has Class 4 hail impact resistance as well as a Class A fire rating, so you will get many benefits if you choose it, but follow the expert’s advice for the best outcome.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is a popular space in most homes, and with good reason. It’s where people tend to spend time catching up with each other while preparing meals, making it a social space. For this reason, it’s a good project to take on this year if you’re looking to upgrade your home. Take time to think about any issues you may have with it and work on solving them. If it’s too cramped, knock down a wall or two to add space, making sure to have an expert analyze them to find out if they’re load-bearing walls.

You may also feel like it looks old and outdated, the solution of which would be to get new, modern appliances or change the finishes. With the kitchen cabinet demand in the U.S. projected to hit almost $17.1 billion by the year 2021, it’s clear to see that many people are giving their kitchens makeovers. You can therefore search for inspiration and ideas online as there will be plenty available for you to look at.

Home Security

The third home improvement you may consider making this year is updating your home security system. To be better able to sleep peacefully through the night and get rid of nagging worry whenever you all leave the house, invest in modern, robust home security. Do some research to find the most important qualities you would like for it to have and search for those, keeping in mind that you may be better placed to get a bargain if you buy bundles rather than individual solutions.

If you’re wondering if it will be worth it, note that about 67% of burglaries can be prevented by simply installing video surveillance. You will also be eligible to pay lower premiums for your home insurance, making some savings here thanks to lowering the risk in your home. This makes this home improvement worth every penny you spend on it.

The three suggestions above should be among your prioritized home improvements when you’re thinking of upgrades to make to your home. This is because they add value to your home in different ways, giving you a more improved space in which you can enjoy living.