If you’re looking for a newborn photoshoot, it’s crucial to use props for newborn photography. This will help ensure that photos of your baby are more adorable and unforgettable. The truth is, baby props can make all the difference in taking your newborn pictures from ordinary to unique.

However, not everybody is a baby prop expert. If that’s the case with you, we’re sure you’ll find the below-mentioned baby props tips useful.

Take a look. 

A Comprehensive Guide to Newborn Photography Props


Newborn photography wraps top our list of props. They are great to soothe a newborn and perfect to ensure that the baby is safe. Most newborn photos consist of at least one photo of a wrapping. You can use various wraps in various sizes, colors, and materials.

Bean Bag

It is a challenge to get a newborn in an ideal position for photography. A beanbag can be a fantastic prop to effortlessly and comfortably place the infant in an adorable position. 

It is a perfect fit for the newborn’s body and can also be an ideal backdrop to let the baby stand out. Make sure to put the baby right in the middle of the beanbag and ensure that someone is standing close to handle the baby.


Another popular prop for newborn photography is the backdrop. Go the extra mile and choose an appropriate stand for your backdrop, so your background doesn’t crash onto your baby. 


Rugs are simple and convenient baby photography backdrops. Similar to a wrap, they offer a warm backdrop. You can lay the baby naked on the stomach or have a sibling alongside the baby for a cozy photo shoot. Make sure to choose the opposite colors of your wrap and rug to provide more depth to your photographs.

Headbands and Hats

Knitted hairbands and hats make ideal infant photography props. In addition, they keep the baby warm and comfortable during photography. You can also consider themed hats related to your family or a popular holiday.

DIY Props

Shooting newborn photography can become redundant. So you can try out some new ideas and DIY projects to make your photography props and bring uniqueness to the photos.


It is an easy task to arrange candies for newborn photographs. If your child was born at a certain time, purchase some confectionary-related props. Let your creative juices flow on this crafty prop. For example, if it’s Halloween time, you can buy some corn candy, or you can buy egg candies if it’s Easter. 

Parent’s Hands

It is always an adorable newborn picture that involves the baby’s family members. You can take a closer shot of dad’s arms or an adorable picture of mom cradling the baby near her face. Zoom down to just the baby’s hands or feet in the hands of their parents.

Colorful Bubbles

Bubbles are a simple and affordable baby prop to add colors and a jolly feel to any photograph. They can also be the perfect substitute for rainy or snowy day themes. You can ask a friend to blast bubbles to throw around as you take pictures. 


You can also add flowers as props for newborn photography. They are easy to bend and mold and can be incorporated into any backdrop. Also, you can weave them into the dull basket or add them to the baby’s hat to bring more hues.

Final Word

Most of the newborn photos you see on the internet are usually photoshopped. So if you are keen on safe newborn photography, we suggest investing in the proper props for your photos.

We hope you liked our selection of props you can use for your next photo shoot. Whatever the prop, make sure that you check for scratches, smooth out rough edges, and ensure that the baby is safe.


Good luck!