If you’re eagerly waiting for spring to get here, you can get ready to start making some improvements to your home. Read on to see some of the upgrades you can make that will give your home a fantastic new look at a good price.


Checking the Plumbing

As seasons change from warmer to colder and back again, this can have an effect on your plumbing. For this reason, take time to inspect your plumbing and check for leaks and clogged drains in and around the house. Doing this now can help you avoid a potential disaster and save yourself expensive and extensive repairs. Suppose yours is one of the over 13 million households that rely on private wells for their drinking water in the United States, as found by the US Census American Housing survey of 2017. In that case, it’s even more critical to evaluate your plumbing. This will enable you to keep getting clean, safe water for your household.

Painting the Exteriors

Another improvement you can plan to make is to give a fresh coat of paint to your home’s exterior. Cold winters can make paint fade and peel off, leaving your house looking old and worn down. You can therefore get a plan underway to apply a fresh coat of paint to your home’s exterior, even if it’s only the trim and woodwork. Doing this will make it look amazing throughout the coming season, which is important as more people will be out and about. You wouldn’t want guests to your home encountering an ancient-looking house whenever they visit you.

Deep Cleaning the Indoors

With the average person touching surfaces that leave them exposed to about 840,000 germs every 30 minutes, it’s essential to bring this number down, so everyone in your house stays healthy and germ-free. As the season is starting to get warmer, it’s a good idea to do some deep cleaning so you can get to the dirt that’s been sitting in hard-to-reach spots for a while. Roll up your sleeves and use cleaners that will also disinfect, then get to work scrubbing and wiping down susceptible surfaces like those in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Cleaning the Roof and Gutters

Your roof and gutters can benefit immensely from regular inspection and cleaning, and this is the best time to get to work doing this. Because this project poses a slightly higher risk, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. The debris and plant matter that have probably accumulated on your roof over the past season pose a threat to the wellbeing of your roof. This is because of the extra weight and potential to block water from flowing off your roof as it needs to. Such issues may seem small, but they can lead to expensive damage if ignored for a long time, and this is why you need to stay ahead of them.

Maintaining the Yard

Finally, your yard will thrive when given the necessary care and attention, and this involves trimming any overgrown plants and getting ready to start mulching and mowing the lawn regularly. When the warm weather arrives, and plant-life comes back in full swing, you want to be prepared to keep it in check, so sharpen your trimmers and get some extra shears so your family can lend a hand whenever they want to. Something like adding a swimming pool will be costly and can increase the value of your home by a mere 7%, so invest in cheaper and more long-term valuable work like creating a good setup for the plants in your yard.

These tips should give you some good ideas of what to do as spring approaches. Stay mentally prepared so you can get to work easily and keep your home looking great when it’s time.