Spring brings with it the warmth of both the sun and time spent with friends and family. This means that the kitchen is about to become popular and possibly busier than it was, so it’s a good idea to improve it. Here are five ways in which you can do that.

5 Ways You Can Drastically Improve Your Kitchen This Spring

1. Improve the Countertop

The countertops in your kitchen serve important purposes both functionally and aesthetically. For this reason, you need to give them a new look if you can. The most popular countertops are granite ones, which can be found in 64% of new homes. Just 14% of new homes choose to get laminate countertops. If your home has a laminate countertop, you can upgrade it to a granite one for an instant facelift. This will also increase your home’s value in the process.

2. Upgrade Your Storage and Cabinets

After living in your home for some time, you often find yourself in need of new storage. You can take advantage of this season and add some open-ended shelves to your kitchen for some extra storage. You could also refinish your current kitchen cabinets and have them look as good as new. If the doors and frames are structurally sound, you will have no issues simply painting them afresh and changing the handles. This will make your kitchen look as good as new and it will be fast and affordable to do.

3. Work on the Flooring

If you can spare the budget to upgrade your home’s floors, this is another improvement you can make to your kitchen. With the global market size for flooring estimated to be $388.24 billion in 2020 according to Grand View Research, it’s clear that many people can see the importance of improving their homes’ floors. Look around online for inspiration for your kitchen floor by checking out similar spaces to yours. This will help you come up with a good color scheme and make everything flow well together.

4. Add a Small Herb Garden

To give your window sills some new life, you should consider placing some small planters on them and planting your favorite herbs in them. It’s great to know that you can have fresh herbs in your home even if you don’t have the room to grow a whole garden. Simply find a spot with enough sunlight and remember to keep your herbs watered well. This way, you will have easy access to some of the herbs you enjoy cooking with, and since it’s spring, they will likely thrive.

5. Improve the Lighting

Finally, the lighting you choose can make a big difference in your home, so it’s advisable to improve it if you can. You can add new, modern fixtures for an instant upgrade. Get LED lights while at it to make some savings and leave the environment in a greener state. To naturally increase the lighting in your kitchen, you can add new windows to let in more light. If you would like to control the lighting instead, you can add window tint, which will reduce your cooling costs by up to 30%. These are both easy and efficient fixes that will have a big impact in spring, as that is when it’s bright and getting warmer outside.

With these five fixes, you can make your kitchen look as good as new in a budget-friendly way. You will enjoy the new season as will your family and the friends you invite to visit you. Always do your research before taking on a particular project so you know exactly what it entails. This way, it will be easy for you to get it done well from start to finish.