Without any doubt, owning a home is a major financial achievement. When it is the best time to sell your house, you can do so and enjoy high profits. This is only achievable if you undertake some home renovation projects that will escalate the value of your house. Read on to learn more about the best home projects you can contemplate undertaking.

7 Home Projects That Will Really Pay Off

Upgrading Your Kitchen

Potential homebuyers pay a lot of attention to the kitchen since it’s the heart of the house. Depending on the remodeling project you undertake, there is an assurance of above 50% return on investment. Incorporating an island into your kitchen will create an alluring appearance that will escalate the value of your home.

Adequate storage spaces in your kitchen are one of the major selling points when listing your house. Adding new cabinets and refinishing your existing ones is a perfect kitchen remodel project. According to research conducted by the Freedonia Group, the need for kitchen cabinets will rise to $17.3 billion by 2023, with over 101.8-million-units on demand. Adding new lighting, flooring, and upgrading your kitchen appliances are some major kitchen renovations you can consider.

Kitchen renovation materials are attractive, and you may end up overspending; to avoid this, stick to your remodeling project. Ensure the kitchen upgrades you undertake to remain relevant to your house.

Replacing Windows

Window replacement leads to an attractive appearance in your home and increases your home’s energy efficiency. Well, heat gain and loss via windows contribute to 25-30% of your residential house heating and cooling. Wood window replacement has a 78% return on investment value, while vinyl window replacement will contribute to a 72% return on investment.


Repainting your home is one of the most economical-transforming projects you can consider undertaking. Ensure the new paint blends perfectly with your home structure. To boost the appearance, consider repainting your walls in different colors. Ensure the new colors blend perfectly with the design of your house.

Bathroom Remodeling

There is an assurance of recouping your investment with bathroom upgrades. You can decide to install a new flooring option that matches the color of your bathroom walls. Ensure you fix the leaks present in your bathroom, and this will save you up to 10% of your water bills. Worn toilet flappers and dripping faucets are some easy-to-fix leaks you can undertake without professional assistance. Remember to involve bathroom contractors when undertaking a bathroom remodeling project for the best outcome.

Incorporate Energy-Efficient Features

Installing energy-efficient appliances in your house will minimize your energy bills and reduce negative environmental impacts. Investing in a thermostat will enable you to have constant temperatures in your rooms, enhancing your comfort. Improving insulation, installing solar panels, and purchasing energy-efficient appliances will also aid in improving the energy efficiency of your house. Having an energy audit done in your home will guide you on the energy-efficient features you should consider having in your home. The return on investment of energy-efficient features highly depends on your project.


You can transform your backyard into a haven for relaxation. If you are on a budget, consider buying plants and strategically placing them in your backyard. Some landscaping projects you can consider include: replacing old mulch, planting trees and grass, weeding your flower beds, and maintaining your lawn. Landscaping projects are budget-friendly, and the projects are DIY. Conduct landscaping projects regularly to keep your backyard in good condition. The first appearance of your backyard can determine the offer of your potential client.

Add Smart Home Devices

Potential real estate investors are looking for properties that incorporate technological features. You can consider installing security cameras, smoke detectors, smart lights, and other devices to maximize your comfort. The return on investment will depend on the quality of your smart home devices.

The above are some of the best home improvement projects that can give you a high return on investment when listing your home. For better results, you can engage a home improvement professional.