If you are buying a home for the first time, you may go through a rollercoaster of emotions. Regardless of this, it’s important to note some things that could make it easier for you to go through the process, especially in terms of more complex things like plumbing and HVAC. Outlined below are five basic tips to guide you on HVAC and plumbing, so consider these tricks to take the right measures.


1. Replace Some Basic Parts

The first thing that you should consider doing when you buy a new home and after performing a thorough inspection is to replace some of the basic parts of the HVAC system. This is important to do if there is any doubt as to their legitimacy or quality. Have a look at the evaporator coil to make sure that it’s in the right condition. Don’t forget to check the drainage channels so that you are sure there are no clogs. Keep in mind that with proper maintenance of your HVAC system and the insulation of your home, you can reduce your home’s energy bill by an inspiring 30%. Start on the right foot and you can carry on without experiencing worse issues.

2. Measure The Efficiency

When it comes to an HVAC system, it’s a good idea to measure its efficiency. This will give you a good idea of what to expect in terms of energy bills in the future. Use the right method to measure the efficiency of the heating unit, which will depend on whether the system is a heat pump or comprises boilers and furnaces instead. Don’t forget to measure the cooling thoroughly. If efficiency is not up to your standards, consult with an expert on how you can bring it to standard and enjoy making savings.

3. Clean the Drains

As for the plumbing, before you turn anything on, clean out all the drains. Clear them of debris to make sure that there’s no chance of blocking the system in the first few days that you are there. If possible, set up drain strainers to make sure that nothing that should not be in the drains gets into them. Once you do this, remember that typically, homeowners should clean their drains thoroughly at intervals of once after every 18 to 22 months. Avoid using drain cleaners, however, because the residue and effect on the environment are seldom worth it.

4. Locate the Shut-Off Valves

Another priority for you as far as the plumbing goes, it’s important to know where the shut-off valves are as soon as possible. This is because in case there is an emergency with your plumbing, every second counts when you are trying to reach the shut-off valve and stop the flow. You can experience a flooded house and a lot of damage and loss of water if you have to look for the shut-off the moment something happens.

5. Know the Warranty of the HVAC

Finally, find out if your HVAC has a warranty, and if it does, what its options are. It’s a good idea to find out as much as you can about the warranty so that you know whether the previous owner voided it, and if not, so that you don’t void it yourself. Some of the stipulations of a warranty may include servicing it. According to Expert Home Report, maintenance should be done for both the air conditioning and heating portions of the system once every year.

With these five basic tips, you are ready to move into your new home with a low chance of experiencing issues. Keep them in mind and you stand to enjoy being in your new home a lot more.