If you have a home with a garage that isn’t being used, don’t let the space go to waste. You can easily convert your garage into a craft room. Why not make the most of the space and have a craft room that you will enjoy? Here are five tips that will make the conversion from a garage to a craft room easy.

5 Tips for Converting Your Unused Garage into a Craft Room

Before You Get to the Fun Part

Before you can convert your garage into the craft room of your dreams, you’ll need to declutter and make repairs. Just about every home uses at least part of its garage as a storage facility. If you have done the same thing, you will need to get rid of the clutter before you can move on to the conversion. Once you get the clutter out it is time to get serious about repairs.

Typically, garage doors on a home will last about 20 years. This can be even longer if they’re cared for properly. Check out your doors and decide if they need any tweaking or repairs. Taking care of the major repairs first will ensure that the rest of your project goes smoothly.

You should also consider doing roof repairs if you need them. A new roof can come with a 25-year warranty. How do you feel about the flooring? Are you okay with the unfinished concrete floor? If you aren’t, you can easily use some peel-and-stick tiles to spruce the floor up or you can hire a concrete polishing company to polish the concrete. Take care of all the structural repairs first.

Consider Your HVAC Needs

Your next step is to consider how you’ll control the climate in the garage. If your home is like most homes, your garage space is likely not outfitted with HVAC. About 90% of homes in America used air conditioners in 2020. If your home is in a region where you need air conditioning, you can consider using a window unit instead of adding ductwork to the garage, as this can get expensive. Using a portable heater in the winter and a window unit in the summer can make the garage a more hospitable place to be once it is your craft room.

Get Some Storage

Does your home garage already have built-in storage that you can use or will you need to create some storage space for all your crafting items? You can build or buy storage for your crafting materials. Shop around your own home before you go out and buy new storage. You likely already have some items you can use in your home. Consider bookshelves and other shelving that isn’t being used in the home and move them to the garage.

Create a Work Station

You’ll need a place to work on your crafts. A simple old desk will do, or you can build a new space. Again, shop at your home before you make any purchases. You will be surprised by what you can find in your home! Think about the space you did your crafts in before. Can you move that furniture to the garage? If the answer is yes, then you’re already in great shape. Get creative to save some money. Consider going to local thrift shops to find the stuff you need to pull your craft room together.

Add Your Personal Touches

Turning a garage into a craft room that is comfortable for you requires that you personalize the space to your liking. You can have the garage doors removed and opt for something new. Perhaps you want to build a wall with windows and a door. If this is something you want to invest in, it can be incredibly beneficial to look online for ideas and inspiration before getting to work.

Converting an unused space in your home into something that makes you happy is always a good idea. Keep these tips and tricks in mind when you begin converting your home garage into your own personal crafting studio!