When you remodel your home, investing in upgrades improve the value of your home is important. Improvements that upgrade the exterior of your home like a new roof, landscaping, fencing, or installing a new septic tank are popular consumer choices. Inside, minor upgrades to your kitchen or bathroom increase the value of your home and will add ambiance to the interior.

Minor Bathroom and Kitchen Upgrades

You can add new features to your bathroom without doing a complete remodeling job. Adding new toilets that use less water and faucets will save you on your monthly water bill. Installing simple storage units like shelves or racks will give you more room to store towels, wash clothes, and other items. New shower curtains, bathmats, rugs, plants, and soap dispensers, always add a decorative touch. Adding a rain shower will provide you with a stream of water-like rainfall that comes with different settings and provide a relaxing massaging shower. With the different settings, a rain shower is ideal for the whole family. Installing a new bathtub and shower will modernize your bathroom and let you enjoy the latest technology.

Upgrading the kitchen by adding new cabinets or painting them will increase the value of your home. You can choose sustainable or recycled wood or paint the cabinets bright colors to liven up the decor. New energy-saving appliances will help you save on electricity and water. Look for appliances with the Energy Star logo as they have been evaluated and approved by a credible agency. Adding a pantry will give you more storage space and room to cook and entertain. Smaller kitchens, now have panties that can be installed on the wall or stand-alone cabinets like furniture. This gives you more storage space in the kitchen at home.

Roof Upgrade or Repair

A new roof that reflects the sun’s heat and is made of materials that are cool can save you money on electric bills. These roofs are available with reflective coatings or fitted materials to achieve the same effect as replacing the roof. They come in varied materials; sheets, shingles, and metal.

Some of the materials used are asphalt, zinc or aluminum-coated steel, tiles, and adding a reflective coating to your roof. This can reduce your cooling bill sustainably because the heat is reflected away from your home. A new roof protects your home, and you should look for material suitable to your environment. According to State Farm, metal roofs reflect the sun’s harmful UV and infrared light that contribute to radiant heat on the roof, reducing the cost of air conditioning by 10 to 25%. Warm climates are ideal roofs that use cool materials.

If you do decide to upgrade or repair your roof, you should consider getting property insurance if you don’t already have it. This will not only protect your home, but it will also protect any new updates you make to your home. This will provide you with financial reimbursement in case there are any damages or accidents.

Landscaping and Fencing

Hiring a lawn or landscaping service to improve your yard will improve your curb appeal. Planting trees, bushes, a flower, or vegetable gardens will make outdoor entertaining more enjoyable. A lawn service can improve the appearance of your grass and how it grows. These services are reasonable and worth the money. Adding a fence around your property adds security, improves the ambiance of your property, reduces noise, and gives you more privacy. According to fencing businesses, fencing demand increased by about 166% from 2019 to 2020 due to consumers wanting privacy, contactless installation, and the trend for outdoor entertaining.

Septic Tank

A septic tank in your home removes the waste that needs to be conducted away from your home, condo, or apartment. When you move into a new home just built, you may need to get one installed. If it stops working, you will need to have it replaced and only a professional who has the tools and experience to install it should do this job. It is a container that is watertight and buried that is made of fiberglass, concrete, or polyurethane. Septic tanks remove waste when you use water, the bathroom, and do laundry. They are essential for removing waste safely from your home.

These are essential home upgrades that are worth the expense as they increase the value and help to keep it running safely and efficiently. Check with your local businesses to have one of these upgrades this year or next.