Good shoes will take you places. The shoes you wear are equally important as the clothes you put on. There are also recommendations for shoe style, just like any other fashion aspect. No matter how stylish your clothing is, it will fall flat if you pair it with the wrong shoes. Shoes are integral to your overall outfit and can make or break a look. It is, therefore, essential to know how to style your shoes. We have assembled a list of evergreen tips for men’s footwear fashion. Read this article to learn these tips to make sure your fashion is always on point.

Men’s Fashion: Footwear Styling Rules

Context Is Important:

While it is great to experiment with outfits, it is equally important to understand the context and dress accordingly. For instance, flip-flops are a beach-wear staple, but you cannot wear them to your workplace. No matter how informal your office dress code is, wearing flip-flops to the office is a big no-no. Similarly, avoid wearing sneakers if you’re going to a formal occasion. 

You should also pay attention to style combinations. For instance, pairing socks with sandals is counterproductive. Socks are supposed to keep your feet warm, and sandals keep your feet cool. The combination serves no purpose.

Invest In High-Quality Footwear:

Having good footwear is essential if you wish to keep up with trends. Irrespective of what kind of shoes you go for, you must ensure the material is strong, expensive, and worth the cost. There is no doubt that poorly manufactured shoes might suit your pocket but will only last a few months at most. Conversely, shoes with higher-quality materials might cost a bit, but they will wear out slower and look better over time. 

While you can get a wide range of options if you buy men’s shoes online, it is advisable to check the product’s material thoroughly. A pair of high-quality shoes are a long-term investment that can save you the effort of repurchasing shoes over and over again. 

Strategize Your Outfit:

Be careful not to match your accessories too closely. Instead of matching your shoes to your clothing, try matching them to other accessories, like your bag and belt. This will help to break the uniformity of colors in your clothing and boost the overall appearance. 

Adding color to your outfits with accessories is a great strategy as well. You can even follow the fashion rule of thumb and color code your outfit according to color theory.  However, if color coding becomes too complicated, you can simply stick to neutral colors like brown, black, and white. 

Do Not Forget The Socks:

Another subtle but significant component of a look is a pair of socks. Put on loafer socks if you’re wearing loafers. If you’re wearing sneakers, put on socks that reach your ankles. Only on formal occasions, where it could be inappropriate to expose your ankles, is it permissible to reveal your socks. The key in this situation is understanding what socks to pair with your shoes.

Keep Your Shoes Clean:

Shoes perform the best when they are properly cleaned and maintained. Additionally, maintaining footwear in good condition presents people in good stead and conveys an overall image of neatness and order.  This is especially true for premium quality products, which benefit greatly from proper upkeep and care. You can keep your shoes in brand-new condition, increase their lifespan, and use them for as long as feasible with regular and correct cleaning. 

Final Thoughts:

Shoes are similar to clothing in the sense that they need to fit properly to look good. Therefore, before spending money on your ideal pair, try both pairs, take a few steps, and note whether they feel too tight or loose. It is preferable to put on socks before trying on a pair. This will enable you to determine whether any adjustments are required.