If you need to renovate your guest house, you need to take steps that will make it both functional and aesthetically pleasant. Doing this will make it worth spending time and money on, as it will also increase the overall value of your home. Read on to see five helpful tips that can make the process easier and more worthwhile for you to do.

1. Plan Well for It

The first thing that you need to do if you want to succeed is to plan for your renovation in detail. A solid plan should help you know just how much time and money the project will need in order to be done to completion. With a good plan, you’re better able to make allowances for any unforeseen event that may come up. This will make it possible to get the outcome that you wanted and have a functional guest room that will wow your guests and have you hosting them in the utmost comfort.

2. Check for Water Damage

Another important thing to do for your guest room, especially if it’s in a space like a basement, is to curtail the risk of water damage. This involves inspecting the entire space to make sure that there are no visible leaks. If you find any, have them fixed well enough to make sure they have no chance of resurfacing in the future. You should do this with the knowledge that more than 60% of homes have a leaking basement, according to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. With wet basements being one of the most frequent complaints that homeowners have, you’ll do well to make sure that this isn’t also an issue in your home.

3. Ensure the Windows Don’t Leak

If there are windows, you have to make sure that they have a tight seal with the frame. This should help ensure that there won’t be problems with water getting into your home when it rains. It should also make it possible to keep the house within a comfortable temperature range without having to crank up the AC to a high level and thus pay more for the energy that you use in your home. This is important to do since about 18% of the heat inside a house, according to Safe Style, is lost through the windows.

4. Get the Right Furniture and Decor

You should also ensure that the guest house is well-decorated and it’s comfortable for your guests. This can be done by getting the right furniture for the space. It should be comfortable but not so large that it takes up a lot of space. If you get quality furniture, you should have it for a long time and will enjoy making the purchase. This is because you won’t have to replace it in a short time, and this is how you know that you made a worthwhile purchase.

5. Set a Budget

Last but not least, you need to set a budget for your renovation. Make sure that this budget covers everything that you need to get done and then try your best to stick to it. Remember to leave some allowance for miscellaneous things that may come up and you’ll be well-armed for unforeseen expenses. With a good budget, you’ll be able to track the expenses and may even be able to save some money in the process. This money could be used on a different project like fixing the roof of your home if it has issues. A roof has an average lifespan of 20 to 50 years depending on its materials, according to the NAHB.

Use these tips to get a guest house or guest room renovation that will prove comfortable and worth the effort you spent on it. You may have an easier time getting this done with these tips and you can even use them for other renovations around the house.