If your home needs organization, making the right updates can solve the problem. Updating your home with a purpose will add value to the project. These five home updates are affordable and will help you to get and stay organized.

Get Organized With These 5 Home Updates

1. Hidden Closets

One of the trendiest home updates this year has been hidden or “invisible” closets. It is a very chic solution for adding extra storage. This European concept gives you more storage space without knocking out walls and taking space from other areas. Hidden closets are built along a wall with plenty of shelving and storage space. Hidden closets have very tight seams and no hardware. When the closets are closed, it looks like any interior wall because there is no indication that it is a closet.

2. Spectacular Pantry

Upgrading your pantry by adding more functional shelving and other organizational tools is an easy and affordable update. Pantries become a catchall for all types of goods besides food. Expanding your pantry doesn’t mean moving walls; it can mean using the space differently. There are plenty of options to make your pantry more functional. A well-organized pantry can save money because you produce less waste. A pantry update can be a great investment in your home’s organization.

3. Update Kitchen Cabinets

If your kitchen cabinets are not serving you well, they should be on the update list. Older cabinets cannot keep up with the needs of today’s homes. According to IBIS, the kitchen cabinet industry has a market value of about $9.5 billion because of the dash to update kitchens with new cabinets. Highly functional kitchen cabinets can be a game changer for your home organization.

When everything in the kitchen has a place, and you have enough cabinet space, it will keep your kitchen organized. Updating kitchen cabinets also increases home value.

4. Tackle the Garage

According to Garage Living, about 50% of Americans have plans to update their garage. Updating your garage is a great way to get your garage organized. Most garages have unfinished concrete floors, and they look a little dreary. The vibe in the garage can be dumped and run. You dump your excess storage and then shut the door and run away. Dealing with the clutter in your garage and updating your garage with new flooring, a quick paint job, and adding new garage organization systems can get your garage organized.

If you have never updated your garage, an update will transform your garage. You will have a well-organized space that provides storage for everything that needs to be stored.

5. Under Stairs Storage

What is happening with all that space under your stairs? You could transform it into additional storage space. An experienced carpenter could add drawers under your stairs to provide more storage space in your home. This upgrade taps into “dead” space in your home that is going to waste. You can do the project as a DIY if you are skilled enough. There are tutorials online that can show you the step-by-step process. You can rent a dumpster (according to IBIS, there are 318 dumpster rental businesses in the U.S.), do the demo work, and build drawers under the stairs. Stairs or a closet under the stairs can add storage space to your home. It is a great option for storing seasonal décor, an overflow of paper products, and more.

Updating your home with custom features to improve the organization of your home is a great way to invest in your home. Learn more about organization updates that you can make today.