When opening your closet doors, are you tired of the same-old, same-old? If so, it might be high time for an update. Looking to up the sexy factor of your closet? Then you’ll want to stick around.

Here are the best ways to sass up your look without hurting your budget.

4 Sexy Styles You Can Afford (For Real)

1. Bodysuits

Daytime, nighttime, or any time, bodysuits are hot. For a clean, tucked-in look, nothing beats an outfit that screams comfort and ease. If layers are your jam, then you’ve got plenty of options. Look for lace, sheer, or crochet bodysuits and pair them with slacks, a sweater, or a button-up shirt for a more polished look.

Are you heading out and about? Be daring. Choose a corset or lace bodysuit, don your favorite skirt, and wear a sassy pair of heels for a come-hither look. Additionally, keep an eye out for sweet details, like ruffles, bows, or cut-outs, to take the humble bodysuit from basic to bewitching.

2. Bodystocking

Nylons were first introduced in 1940, but far more interesting options have been developed over the course of 80-plus years. Kick things up a notch with a form-hugging bodystocking. This body-contouring garment could be your new BFF whenever you wear a dress or skirt. Wear one as a standalone undergarment, or choose an opaque style for a night on the town.

In fact, it works as an undergarment — in lace or other sheer material — to help keep you cool as temperatures rise. Opt for crotchless, go for an opaque look, or choose a totally see-through style. After all, what happens above your hemline is your playful little secret. Make it as sexy as you want. We won’t tell.

3. Pajama Sets

No, we’re not talking about the holey, “I’m sick today” pajamas you’ve had for a decade (and it shows). Pajamas were introduced to U.S. women in the early 1900s, but they’ve made quite a leap in style since those early days. We’re all about the form-hugging, slim-fitting chiffon and lace sets. Not to mention, matching tops and bottoms in soft, touchable fabrics up the sophistication factor.

Pair sweet yet sexy pajama sets with knee socks for a wholesome look that’s sure to keep you warm. Or, wear a sleek and smooth satin robe to take out the chill. Nothing says you can’t look good and feel great while lounging on the sofa. Bonus: Cuddling in PJs becomes way cozier.

4. Pretty Pasties

You could choose a bra that sits low the next time you wear a back-bearing top or dress, but where’s the fun in that? Get your sexy on with a pair of pasties. These nipple-covering patches come in a variety of materials. Find everything from fabric to sequins to basic flesh-colored silicone, so you can glam up or stay real as it suits your mood or the occasion.

Find pasties that fit, feel comfortable, and look great with the countless options available at Yandy. It’s your go-to, one-stop shop for all things sweet or sassy. It doesn’t matter if you want to wear them for an event along with your backless LBD or for a bit of bedroom sexy time. No matter the occasion, you’ll discover something that piques your interest. You won’t believe your eyes — and neither will your partner.

Create Unforgettable Memories in These Sexy Styles

Fashion trends may come and go (and then revisit here and there), but sexy little numbers last forever. With these wallet-preserving picks, you can update your current basic wardrobe with ease. From bodysuits to bodystockings and pasties to pajamas, you can make every day (and night) a moment to remember.