A dog bite injury can be traumatic and lead to lasting physical and mental issues. It is often a life-altering experience and involves high medical fees, ongoing health problems, and continuing medical care. However, dog bite injuries are difficult to receive compensation for, both in and out of court.

However, it becomes easier to win a case if you hire a dog bite attorney. You should seek compensation for your injuries, especially if they are serious, traumatic, or long-lasting. A good attorney can help you do that and will increase your chances of winning your case. 

Your local dog bite attorneys and legal experts are here to help. Here are the four main benefits of hiring a dog bite attorney and how you can contact one for a free consultation today. 

4 Benefits of Hiring a Dog Bite Attorney For Your Injury Claim 

What Are the Benefits of A Dog Bite Attorney?

A personal injury claim relies on proof of negligence. In the case of a dog bite injury, it must be proved that the dog’s owner was negligent and that the victim did nothing to antagonize or abuse the animal in question. You will likely win your case if both of these can be proved. 

However, it’s difficult to prove both of these instances on your own, especially if you’re dealing with a protective dog owner and a few other witnesses. Hiring a professional dog bite attorney can increase your odds of winning the case and receiving due compensation.

Expertise and Experience 

Of course, the biggest benefit of hiring an attorney is the experience they will bring to the table. Once you’ve hired a dog bite attorney, you can rest assured that they will do everything possible to get you the compensation you deserve. A good attorney will help with filing the claim, talking to insurance, and ensuring you receive proper health care. 

The experience that any good dog bite lawyer has had will help them know how to approach your case. Sometimes, having a lawyer can make or break your chances of winning the claim and receiving compensation for your injuries. 

Free Consultation

If you aren’t sure whether your dog bite case is legitimate, a consultation with a lawyer is essential. You don’t want to file a claim, sue a dog owner, and lose, wasting valuable time and money. Most dog bite attorneys offer free initial consultations, making it easy to see if you have a case in the first place. 

Once you’ve scheduled a consultation with your local dog bite attorney, you can decide whether your case is worth filing. An accurate view of your chances of compensation is crucial, as compensation depends on many factors. However, if you have a good lawyer and case, you’ll likely win a dog bite claim. 

Higher Chance of Winning

The majority of plaintiffs in a dog bite case do not win. This is because dog bites are tricky, and the dog owner is liable for the dog’s behavior. However, if the person who was bit was taunting or abusing the dog, they are liable and should not file a claim against the owner. 

However, a lawyer can talk through the details of your claim and honestly tell you your chances of winning. You are more likely to win with the help of an experienced attorney, especially if the dog has already bitten someone and is past the “one-bite rule” legalized in Georgia and other states. 

Court and Filing Help 

A good lawyer will help with every step, from the initial consultation to any necessary court appearances. Once you’ve hired a good lawyer, they will walk you through your case from the day of the incident until you win compensation. 

Most dog bite attorneys can help you file a case without suing. This way, you won’t ruin relationships or be forced into a courtroom setting. Instead, a good attorney can work with your insurance provider and the opposing party to settle the issue out of court.