Living a busy lifestyle is something that many of us are very familiar with. Work can practically take over our lives and eat up all our time. If you’re looking to get away from it all, use this summer to tick things off your bucket list. If you don’t have a bucket list yet, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll suggest a few ideas to inspire you to make your own awesome bucket list. Swimming is the number one activity among American kids and teens, but if you want to make memories, try something new!

1. Look at Your City Differently

You are always in your city, so how can there be anything new for you to do? Try looking at it from a different perspective—head over to tourist attractions and see what other people are getting up to in your city. You might just have the time of your life!

2. Learn How to Use a Bow

Archery isn’t an easy feat, so taking it on in the summer when you have nothing else to do could be a really nice pastime. You might just have a new talent to show off when the summer is over!

3. Do Some Location-Based Sports

Go jet skiing to the Volcano in Santorini, or maybe go paragliding in the Alps. Be adventurous this summer and go skydiving in New Zealand!

4. Take a Screen-Time Vacation

Putting your phone down nowadays is something we barely do, so going without it for an entire week seems horrible, but give it a chance! Getting away from all the screens and the drama on those screens might be what you need to clear your mind and have fun.

5. Get Into Wilderness Survival

Are you up for a challenge? Going to a wilderness survival camp will teach you some really useful survival skills, like problem-solving and outdoor-related skills. It is bound to be fun as well, and any learning experience during summer is a massive gain.

6. Start a Travel Book Club With Some Friends

Pick some fun and culturally-rich books with your friends and discuss them in depth, as if you’re actually visiting the locations mentioned. This could be a lot of fun, especially if you choose books that play out in exotic countries you’ve never heard of before. Learning more about these places will make the ‘travel’ experience more magical.

7. Plan a Fun Murder Mystery

Getting some friends together for something like this is always a good idea, but it’s even better if your friends enjoy getting into character and really living in the scenario. Who doesn’t love a ‘who dunnit’ mystery?

8. Host Home Olympics

Create a fun mini-tournament with your friends and have your own little Olympics tournament. Some activities to do are shot put, discus, basketball, and long jump. Go on, and have some fun with friends and family!

9. Create Your Own Local Map

You probably know your city pretty well, so making a map of the area might seem silly, but it could be quite fun! You might discover some new shops, shortcuts, and a couple of nice landmarks.

10. Parkour!

You don’t need fancy equipment, just yourself and comfy shoes. It’s fun and you can do it with some friends, and it’s also good for your health. Just make sure you get instructed by a skilled professional.

11. Make Metal Objects

Why not manufacture your own metal products? You can be as creative as you want to while saving some money as well. It’s estimated that about 50% of the products we use every day—from cutlery and cars to laptops and cellphones—are manufactured via metal fabrication processes. If you can make something yourself, you don’t have to spend your hard-earned money.

12. Try Flower Arranging

If you enjoy picking flowers, you can always try your hand at flower arrangement. It’s a creative way to make gifts that will be appreciated by anyone you send them to—up to 92% of women remember the last time they were given flowers.

No matter what activities you choose to do this summer, be sure to make the most out of it. Try something new and get a little adventurous! Have a great summer!