Moving houses is one of the most stress-filled experiences for many people. Sure, it can be exciting when circumstances allow it, such as moving from one place to an even better one for convenience and lifestyle. However, moving because you’re in a hurry, perhaps because you cannot afford the rental fee, can be stressful. Either way, when you move from your home, it takes a lot of preparation and there are many things to consider so that everything is in place when you move. In this post, we’re chatting about some preparations you can make so you won’t be caught off guard upon moving houses.

5 Preparations to Make Before Moving Homes

1. Create a Rough Checklist

Creating a checklist in preparation for moving into your new home is one way to keep all ideas at the top of your head and make keeping track of everything easier. Your checklist may contain things like how many boxes there are to move, how many rooms to clear out, and how many rooms are to be occupied in the new house. Is there space for cars at the new place like there is at the old one? Do you have pets you’re moving with? Experts suggest moving them last but keeping them in one room as the rest of the house is being moved out. This is especially so for indoor cats.

2. Space Comparisons

One of the other important things when you move to a new home, is the space comparison. Some people are scaling down and may not need all the things they had from their old house. Storage is a good option in this case. Other folks are expanding their families and looking for more space for kids to play safely in the yard, perhaps a swimming pool was added. You may also want to check if the new place you’re moving to can accommodate all your things. For instance, if you have two cars and a double garage, will you have space for the two cars at the new house? Will it stand outside, under a carport, or in a garage? If you occupy three rooms now, will you have three or more rooms at the new place? All of these questions should be answered ahead of time.

3. Trust the Process of Cleaning Up

Nobody enjoys rigorous cleaning, but when moving away from your old home, it’s always good to leave it clean for the following folks to make new memories. At the same time, when moving into a new home, you could give it a fresh cleaning before moving in. You can do this on your own or you can bring in the family to help. Another idea is to hire a cleaning company to take that load off simply.

4. Are You Going to Need to Renovate Anything Before Moving In?

Some people prefer to get the renovations out of the way before moving into their new homes. This is convenient, and it won’t put stress on the residents to live in the house while under construction. Did you know that metallic anchors expand about three times that of alumino-silicate refractories? These anchors can be used for metallic items like gates, garage doors, and fences. Contractors use it in building structures. If you’re planning on renovating, you should know these things ahead of time.

5. Does the New Place Have Water Grey Water System?

Economic ways of using electricity, water, and waste help preserve the planet and lower your monthly bills. Comfy Living says small leaks can waste 10,000 gallons of water yearly. You can check if your new place has any water recycling solutions for sustainability. Even if this isn’t important to you, you should ensure that the electrical systems work. This way the place is ready for you when you move in.

Another critical factor to check before relocating is safety. Is the area safe? Can you leave your home knowing nothing will be stolen or broken into? According to, there were 1.5 million burglaries in the United States in 2015. Now that you have the pointers, why not go ahead and check over your checklist and see what you can work on before the day of the move?