How to Pull Off a Mind-Blowing ProposalIf you feel that 2023 is the year you’re ready to propose to your significant other, you might want to make popping the big question as memorable as possible. Pulling off a mind-blowing proposal doesn’t happen without thought, though.
To give you some inspiration, read on for some tips to help you plan an epic proposal this year.
Speak with Your Future In-Laws
Speaking with your future in-laws before you get too far into the proposal planning is wise. While you might like to ask your partner’s parent(s) for their blessing or permission to marry their child, having a conversation to let them know you’re going to propose can also provide a chance for them to give some input on how you might go about it.
These people know your loved one very well and may have some excellent ideas about how you can propose in a way that suits. They might know, for instance, a special place that meant something to your would-be spouse when they were growing up or somewhere they had always imagined being proposed to. You might even learn when your partner’s parents got engaged and choose the same spot for sentimental reasons.
Create a Proposal Idea Suited to the Person You Want to Marry
It’s wise to create a proposal idea suited to the person you want to marry in other ways, too. While it can be fun reading about proposal trends and seeing what other people do to inspire you, at the end of the day, you want to propose in a way that means something to your beloved and what they hold dear.
Consider their tastes, passions, hobbies, interests, and the kind of person they are (e.g., private or more public) when developing a plan. For example, if your partner loves the water or the beach, you might propose while on a cruise or a tropical holiday. If they’re a writer, they might be awed by being presented with a first edition of their favorite book with a special dedication you’ve written inside, or you could get down on one knee while helping them tick off a bucket list item.
Think about their major life goals, upbringing, things they’ve always wanted to try, places they’ve wanted to go, and more.
Get Yourself a Keepsake to Propose With
Of course, to keep with tradition, you’ll likely want to purchase an engagement ring to present to your loved one when you ask them to marry you. If so, try to get an idea of their likes and dislikes in the months or years leading up to the proposal, so you have an idea of what type of ring to buy.
Alternatively, you could purchase a beautiful diamond or other stone that you give them on the day and tell them they can design the ring, or you might choose a more light-hearted approach, such as a candy ring to place on their finger in lieu of a more expensive one they can help you select later.
If you know your partner isn’t really the ring-wearing type or would appreciate something more unconventional, you can give them a different type of keepsake when you propose. For instance, you could present them with a certificate that shows a star you’ve named after them, get a tattoo of their name on your body, or bring something along from your very first date that you’ve had engraved or laminated, etc.
Come Up with One or More Surprise Elements
Lastly, to pull off a mind-blowing proposal, see if you can create at least one surprise element for the day. While the proposal itself might be very unexpected for your future spouse, it’s fun to add another element of surprise. How about setting up a sign-writing message for them in the sky or having a choir or barbershop quartet sing as you propose?How to Pull Off a Mind-Blowing Proposal
You might buy a range of artillery shells fireworks you arrange to set off if proposing at night, or you could shock your partner by tying the engagement ring onto the collar of a puppy you know they’ve wanted to get. Perhaps you will present them with tickets for an exciting trip you can use for an elopement or honeymoon, or you might purchase a house for the pair of you to live in once you’re married, or even get your kids involved in the proposal.
Other ways to pull off an epic proposal are to enlist help as needed, practice what you plan to say in advance so you don’t get tongue-tied, and have someone nearby to film the proposal or photograph the two of you after your partner has said yes.
Give yourself plenty of time to plan how to ask the love of your life to marry you, too. All these factors will help your proposal become a day you both remember happily for decades.