Owning property comes with a lot of responsibility. Whether you own residential or commercial property, you must protect it at all times. After making the initial investment to buy property, you don’t want to see it become destroyed by nature or by other humans. While you can’t be at your home or business 24/7, there are ways you can protect it as much as possible.

4 Ways to Protect Your Property

1. Replace Your Roof

A strong roof is vital to any residential or commercial structure. In 2020, 6.2 million properties in the U.S. experienced hail events, causing $14.2 billion in losses. Hail impacts can easily damage asphalt shingles and make your roof vulnerable to holes and cracks. If you live in an area where hail is often a problem, you may want to consider replacing your roof with a stronger material. A metal or slate roof can easily last you over 50 years and withstand inclement weather like hail impacts.

2. Install a Fence

Fences come in all sorts of materials. You can install a wood or metal fence or even an automatic fence. Having a good fence protects your home from intruders, neighboring or stray animals, as well as noise pollution. You can make your roof as high and wide as you like, as long as you keep it within the confines of your actual property lines. A fence is also great in case you have children or pets, as it will keep them inside and prevent them from running into the street.

3. Hire a Property Manager

If you own more than one property, you may want to consider hiring a professional management service. According to TrueList, about 44% of people use property management services. These managers can handle all the logistics that come with running a rental property. They can interview potential renters, handle the applications, collect the rent, and deal with any maintenance issues. Property managers are a great resource to protect your investment properties from damage and unruly habitats.

4. Work With an Arborist

While trees are a valuable resource to any property if you don’t maintain them well, they can actually become harmful. According to the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, when trees become infected by certain diseases or illnesses, it is possible for them to spread that illness to other trees on your property. If you have a property filled with diseased trees, you may eventually have a property filled with dead ones. Diseased and dead trees can attract an insect infestation that will be a nuisance to any human or other animals on the property.

Dead trees are also a safety hazard because their branches can fall at any and hit someone. In worse cases, the whole tree can fall over during inclement weather. Utilizing the local tree services of an arborist can keep your trees healthy and diseased free. They know how to prune any diseased branches regularly before things get out of control. Arborists can also remove any trees with overgrown roots. Overgrown tree roots can puncture your septic tank and create a biohazard. They can also uplift your home’s foundation.

5. Update Video Surveillance

With the enhancements in technology, there are many ways to have tons of video surveillance around your home. Ring technology allows you to see who’s at your door without answering it. You can also use the ring camera to see who comes to your door even when you’re not at home. You can use CCTV cameras in front of your main doors. There are all sorts of small cameras to install around other strategic locations.

There are several ways you can protect your property from harm. Whether it’s human intruders or the ravages of nature, protecting your property is vital to maintaining a healthy environment for everyone.