5 Mistakes You Don't Want to Make Around the House This Summer

The arrival of summer means updating your home maintenance checklist. However, there are some mistakes we make around the house that may not stand out immediately. Follow the tips below if you want to avoid dealing with household problems this summer.

1. Pouring the Wrong Thing Down the Drain

Washing dishes during the summer isn’t fun because of how quickly the heat can get to you. You may dump everything down the drain to finish cleaning quickly, but that can have disastrous consequences. According to Reader’s Digest, you shouldn’t pour seeds, oil, and other types of fat down the drain. Those items can clog your pipes, so put them in the trash instead.

Your pipes may be especially susceptible to plumbing problems depending on their age. According to House Logic, you should consider replacing your drain pipes if your home is over 40 years old and its plumbing has remained untouched thus far. Invest in new pipes and prevent those plumbing issues from popping up.

2. Taking on the Wrong Home Project

According to HomeLight, FSBO (For Sale By Owner) properties sell for around 6% less than homes managed by real estate agents, and that’s often because many homeowners aren’t aware that some things they’re doing to their properties may not be appealing to potential buyers. There’s nothing wrong with renovating or remodeling your home, but you must ensure they provide great returns if you plan to eventually sell your home in the future. Master bedrooms, sunrooms, and garage additions offer the worst return on investments. Avoid those upgrades if you want to maximize your investments.

3. Using Your Air Conditioner Without Cleaning the Clogged Filters

The warm summer weather feels pleasant while you’re at the beach or a park somewhere. When you’re home, the summer heat can border on oppressive. Thankfully, air conditioners can help keep us cool during the warmest months.

However, you should avoid using your air conditioner without cleaning its filters first. Air conditioners with dirty filters operate inefficiently. Using an air conditioner with clogged filters constantly will cause your electric bill to spike. If you don’t want to pay a premium for home cooling, you should clean your air conditioner before the start of summer.

4. Cutting Your Grass Too Short

Lastly, you should adjust your mowing practices at the start of the summer. More specifically, you want to adjust your lawn mower so it leaves taller blades of grass than usual. Taller blades of grass slow down water evaporation, and they can also go deeper into the soil in search of moisture. You can also keep weeds from growing by allowing your lawn to stay a bit taller.

5. Not Updating Your First-Aid Kit

Summer is when many homeowners get the urge to make long-overdue repairs. Perhaps spurred on by the spirit of summer, many of them even decide to handle the repairs by themselves. But before you take on any DIY projects this summer, are you sure your first-aid kit is ready for a potential accident?

Not everyone is aware that some items in first-aid kits expire. For example, some pharmacy-brand creams lose 50% of their antioxidant properties after six months. Other first-aid kit essentials that may expire are bandages and sanitary wipes. You should also avoid using an item in the first-aid kit if it was partially opened and left in that state for a long time.

Change the way you manage your home during the summer if you want to avoid costly mistakes. Remember the tips we detailed above, and your home should be in good shape for the summer. Visit our website if you’re looking for more home care tips!