Good closet space is a must in any comfortable home. According to House Method, 26% of homeowners wish to upgrade or modernize their homes with a remodel. What better way to remodel than to ensure you have as much closet space as you need, especially when it comes to installing a walk-in closet or two? If you think a walk-in closet isn’t necessary, read on to learn about the benefits of how this type of upgrade can benefit your home.

6 Benefits of Building a Walk-in Closet

1. Dress In Private

While your bedroom is already your private space, having a walk-in closet can provide extra privacy when it’s time to get dressed. With this type of closet, you can have everything you need to play dress up in the same area. In other words, you won’t have to repeat getting clothes out of the closet, trying them on in the bedroom, and repeating the process until you find something. With a walk-in closet, you can have floor-length mirrors, and shelving for your shoes and accessories all in one spot. That’ll make dressing easier and faster while still maintaining your privacy.

2. Stay Organized

With condensed closet space, it can be hard to keep track of your entire wardrobe. If your closet is stacked with clothes and shoes, you may inadvertently think you lost a favorite item or forget you had it, especially if you haven’t worn it yet. Over 60% of people will go shopping for new things after having a hard time finding anything in their closets. Constantly shopping for new items that you may already have buried in your closet can also hurt your housing budget.

3. Multiple Storage Options

Imagine all the storage you can have with a closet upgrade. It isn’t just a place to hang clothes on a rack, but it can also have built-in shelves and drawers to organize all your shoes, jewelry, bags, and other accessories. Everything can have a designated space that is easily accessible. You can also store valuable items in a secret safe in the space.

4. Declutter the Home

Does your bedroom currently have a cumbersome wardrobe taking up a lot of space? Do you have clothes thrown over places where they shouldn’t be? With a walk-in closet, your bedroom can be just that, your bedroom. You can say goodbye to excessive furniture to store clothes and focus on the bed and sitting areas. If you dream of a minimalist space, your closet upgrade can make it feasible.

5. Improve Your Wardrobe

With a well-organized walk-in closet, you can easily improve your wardrobe. When you buy new items like a designer dress or suit, you won’t forget about them if you can always see them. Having everything accessible in your big closet will also serve as a reminder to make certain fashion upgrades to keep you looking good and stylish.

6. Sell Home Faster

Putting a home up for sale can be stressful until it’s finally sold. Did you know that more closet space could make it easier to sell your home? A survey of realtors states that 97% of homeowners desire more closet space over basement and attic storage space, according to the Home Atlas. Since closets are an upgrade that so many homeowners want, your home’s value can increase. With this, you can expect to sell your home faster and at a better price.

Don’t underestimate the value of good closets. Being able to have a designated space to store all your attire can add to the level of comfort and privacy you need. So why stress about trying to find things in a tiny closet when you don’t have to? Simply begin making these upgrades today!