Owning a car is no longer a lifestyle statement but a necessity. According to Forbes, about 91.7% of households in the US owned at least one vehicle in 2021, while 22.1% owned three or more vehicles. Since then, the number of vehicles registered for private and commercial use has increased across various states. Owning a car offers the convenience of mobility. It’s a reliable, flexible way to get where you need to be on time. But for it to serve you well and save you money, the following easy car maintenance tips are critical.

Easy Car Maintenance Every Car Owner Should Know

Check Engine Oil Levels

Engine oil is your vehicle’s lifeline. Your car should have sufficient amounts to avoid engine failure and hefty repair costs. Check your oil levels every week for a month to determine how fast it gets depleted. To check the oil levels, park the vehicle on level ground and keep the engine switched off for a few minutes. Remove the dipstick and wipe off any oil using a rag or paper towel. The rear end of the dipstick has two lines. The lower line shows that the oil level is low, while the upper line indicates the oil tank is full.

Insert the dipstick into the oil tank and read the levels. You’re ready to go if the oil is between the low and full marks. If not, add small amounts of oil using a filler until the right levels are attained. If you can’t change the oil, get a vehicle technician to do it for you. You won’t have trouble finding one since the U.S. oil change industry, according to Statista, has approximately 93,000 workers.

Top Up Your Windshield Washer Fluid

Whether it’s local environmental contaminants such as dirt, dust, and other forms of road grime or oily residues that emanate from the various plastic and vinyl components of your car, your windshield is likely to pick up a great deal of stuff as you go. It’s important to keep both the outside and inside of your windshield sparkling clean.

Ensure your washer fluid reservoir is full, and then clean the interior using a microfiber towel, auto-specific glass cleaner, and rubbing alcohol. Remember to spray the glass cleaner onto the towel (not the windshield) and clean your windshield last. If need be, consider replacing your wipers. Most of them are clipped or hooked into place, so it’s easy to change them. Additionally, keep tabs on other vehicle fluids, including your brake fluids.

Check The Tire Pressure

Checking the tire pressure is not just about maintenance but also a safety precaution. It ensures efficient fuel use, prevents frequent tire wear, and ensures correct vehicle alignment. Pull out the valve-stem cap to measure the tire pressure and firmly stick a gauge to ensure no leaks. The placard, normally on the driver’s side, will indicate the pressure levels. Always have a spare tire in your trunk and the relevant tools if you get a flat tire.

Inspect The Air Filter and Cooling System

Check your car’s air filter for dirt particles or other debris that may prevent the free flow of air inside your car. Changing a blocked air filter is fairly easy and affordable. Remember to install the air filter correctly for optimal performance. Although often overlooked, the cooling system removes excess heat and maintains appropriate engine temperature. It requires regular maintenance to detect cracked hoses or urgent issues.

Give your car a fresh, brand-new look by giving it a coat of paint. Car paints usually last between two and four years with waxing or washing, according to Best Auto Detailing Tips. Giving your car a new splash of paint helps maintain your lifestyle on a budget.

According to Statista, the preferred type of car on American roads are crossover vehicles, which made up 45% of car sales in June 2021 alone. Cross-over vehicles are similar to traditional SUVs but are much lighter, faster, spacious, and more fuel efficient. No matter your lifestyle, these vehicles are a great fit. If you’re having challenges maintaining your car in tip-top condition, contact your local car dealer or visit an auto shop. Sometimes, the repairs may be so costly that buying a new car makes more sense. Happy motoring.