Dancing is a well-respected art form, and it deserves that reputation. However, you don’t have to be Alvin Ailey or Misty Copeland to get up and move on your feet. That’s because dance is more than a profession and an art form. It’s also a great form of exercise. See how using dance as a workout can benefit your life.

Here's Why Dancing is Great Exercise

Get Moving

It’s no secret that many Americans are more sedentary than they should be, and living a sedentary lifestyle isn’t good for your health. According to the American Lung Association, the average person in America is inside 90% of the time. Luckily dance is a form of exercise you can easily do inside. You don’t have to brave the elements or buy a bunch of fancy equipment. You can put on some tap shoes, ballet shoes, sneakers, or go barefoot, and turn on some music. It’s the perfect way to get moving inside the comfort of your home, someone else’s home, or a dance studio.

Improve Balance and Coordination

Regardless of what form of dance you use, you’re bound to improve your balance and coordination skills. When you dance, you focus on placing your feet, your legs, and sometimes your arms in a certain position. You may have to spin or stand using your tip toes. It’s a great way for you to test the scales of your balance without straining yourself. According to Zippia, only four percent of dance employees are over the age of 40, while more than 60% are under 30. That statistic shouldn’t be discouraging to older people as you can dance at any age, whether you’re a toddler or an elderly person. If you decide to take dance lessons at an older age, you may benefit from learning from one of the 30-year-olds, who might show you a thing or two. Most importantly, balance and coordination are even more important as you age since those elements can fade if you don’t do the appropriate exercises.

Improve Circulation

Like anything else that gets you moving, dancing is a great way to improve your circulation. Good circulation has many benefits for your body. When your blood can circulate properly, it helps the lymph nodes drain and may aid your hair growth. According to Healthline, hair grows in cycles of about four to six weeks and needs proper circulation to stay on a growth schedule and avoid falling out. Staying active through dance keeps blood flowing to and from the heart, which reduces your risk of heart disease and stroke.

Involve Music

One of the best things about dance is how it naturally incorporates music. When you start a dance lesson or dance at a party, the hours can melt away when jamming to one of your favorite songs. Music also lets you keep the beat as you move in coordination. Therefore, it’s easier to learn dance steps when moving to a particular song or well-known choreography. Since so many people love music, it may be easier to dance for a longer period than to practice other exercises for the same period. In other words, dancing can simply be fun, no matter how tired you may get.

If you want to ensure good health, don’t save all your dance moves for the next party. Dancing keeps your blood pumping to your heart and brain. It’s a fun form of exercise for all ages and flows well to music. As you practice your balance and coordination, it’ll be easier for your body to age and remain limber. You don’t need to spend money to dance. Just get up and start moving by yourself or with friends!