4 Ways to Make Your Bedroom a More Relaxing Space

In every home, the bedroom’s design focuses on restful sleep and energizing the individual. Organization, a lack of clutter, and a functional layout of the furniture can help create a relaxing space in which you enjoy spending time. Read on to learn how to create this type of space.

1. Professionally Organize Your Closet

Reduce the room’s clutter by re-organizing your closet to provide a place for everything. Consult a professional in the design and construction of custom closets, something that House Beautiful states take between 30 minutes and an hour. Once you’ve obtained the guidance of a professional designer, put it to work.

Purchase baskets or hanging organizers that enable you to create an orderly space that puts everything within easy reach but out of sight. Consider folding hangers that combine spaces for hanging five or six garments, then fold down to take up only the space of a single garment. A shoe organizer can help corral many pairs of sneakers, loafers, and high heels, plus organize them by type.

2. Paint the Walls

An easy way to redecorate, painting the room, can increase your desire to spend time at home, according to House Grail. Painting the interior has this effect on 88% of homeowners. When you make your bedroom or en-suite into a haven for yourself, you increase your desire to spend time there, so choose your favorite color and paint your bedroom. Some paint manufacturers, such as Behr and Sherwin Williams, create custom paint mixes that include iridescent materials or that change color as the day progresses. This can help you create an enlivening effect in your bedroom. Blue offers the most relaxing environment, but shades of lavender and pink work similarly.

3. Add Personal Touches

If you have just moved to a new home, as 31 million Americans do each year, according to the U.S. Census, make personalizing your bedroom your first order of business. Each homeowner connects the most with their private space: their bedroom. While you might think putting together the family room or kitchen should take precedence, you’ll experience more enjoyment out of your home if each individual living in it personalizes their bedroom first.

Add an accent wall by painting it or wallpapering it. Install a mural on one wall using prefabricated stick-on designs. These easy-to-install murals use high-quality photographs as their source material, providing a breathtaking view, even in a bedroom that overlooks a brick wall.

Use lighting to set the mood of your bedroom with lamps and lampshades. Create a reading corner or a study area with a desk, a comfortable chair, and a powerful lamp that provides plenty of light to work by.

Revamp your bedding by buying new sheets and updating your comforter. If you don’t want to spend the money to replace a nice down comforter, purchase a cover for it. Duvet covers cost much less than a comforter and slip on over the existing comforter. Purchase a few covers, and you can change the color scheme of your room by changing the comforter’s cover. Try interchanging three such covers, one in the main wall color, one in the trim color, and one in the highlight color.

4. Add Plants

Make it feel like you went outside by bringing in a few live plants. Plants help you relax by improving your room’s air quality and evoking the thought process of being in nature. One indoor tree in a planter and two or three table-top plants create a forested feel without incurring a large expense or taking up a lot of space.

Updating your bedroom to create a more relaxing environment doesn’t need to cost a lot or take up a lot of time. Simply paint the room, organize the space by customizing the closet, and personalize the room with features that show your personality. Add a few indoor plants, and you’ll create an oasis of restfulness for yourself.