Good health is vital to a long lifespan. When it comes to health, you have to worry about more than your body, as your mental and emotional state also matter. Mental health doesn’t just affect the way you feel as it can also manifest itself physically. Here are some signs you may see.

1. Poor Sleep

According to the Sleep Foundation, everyone should have at least seven to nine hours of restful sleep at night. Sleep gives your brain and body a chance to recover from the previous day and recharge yourself. So when you’re suffering from sleep issues such as insomnia, it may be due to problems with anxiety or depression. The problem with the lack of sleep is that it can further affect your immune system. If your immune system shuts down, fighting off disease is difficult.

2. Abuse

According to the World Bank, nearly one million people have a mental health disorder. Unfortunately, sometimes people may deal with it through alcohol or drugs. If someone you know has had a drastic behavior change recently, it may be due to an increasing dependency on legal or illegal medication. They may also smoke more as a way to calm their nerves.

3. Prone to Surgery

According to Wilson & McQueen PLLC, over 4,000 surgical errors occur in American medical facilities every year. What does this have to do with mental health? Well, as mentioned, poor mental health can lead to a lack of sleep, which also affects your immune system. Poor immunity increases your chances of getting sick or having other physical health problems. Those health problems may involve chronic illnesses or major surgery. Plus, poor mental health may lower your inhibitions about taking unnecessary risks that can put you in physical harm, leading to the surgery table.

4. Lack of Motivation

Can you imagine your once bright student or adult that couldn’t wait to study, stay active, and was always on the go suddenly losing interest in such things? There are as many as 4,000 or more private Montessori schools around. If one of their top students suddenly has bad grades and stops participating in class, it may be early signs of depression or trauma. Remember, mental health can affect anyone at any age, young or old. These days, teenagers have more stressors than ever thanks to social media, cyberbullying, and ongoing school violence. So if your child or teen is exhibiting such behaviors, make sure you get help for their mental health.

5. Poor Diet

Depression can often manifest itself in poor diet choices. Someone who used to eat several servings of fruit and vegetables and drink tons of water may begin opting for comfort food in order to make themselves feel better. Such a poor diet can not only show up in the food they eat and have at home, but you may also notice weight gain and skin problems popping up.

6. Dental Problems

Did you know dental care can show a lot about how a person feels? When people are in the bowels of depression, they may stop taking care of their teeth. They might even go days or weeks without brushing. As a result, their teeth may begin to become stained or decayed.

Mental health is a serious matter for everyone. Issues such as depression and anxiety, and other mental health issues can strike at any age. Look for the signs that may happen in terms of physical health to get someone the help that they need.