If you’re looking for an amazing book to help kids learn colors, you’ll love Pearl’s Secret Rainbow Room Surprise by Hope Molta! Read on to learn all about it, plus find out how to grab your copy for a deeply discounted price in the Kindle Countdown Sale!

Pearl's Secret Rainbow Room Surprise

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Pearl’s Secret Rainbow Room Surprise Synopsis

Welcome to the world of “Pearl’s Secret Rainbow Room Surprise”! Join a group of friendly cats as they embark on a colorful journey through the rainbow house in search of a secret surprise. As they make their way through each room, the cats discover new colors of the rainbow.

With teamwork and determination, the cats work together, all while learning about the importance of friendship and cooperation. Finally, after much anticipation, they discover the secret rainbow room and are amazed by the beauty that surrounds them. It’s a place filled with wonder and excitement, and the cats can’t wait to explore every inch of it together.

“Pearl’s Secret Rainbow Room Surprise” is a delightful children’s book that teaches important life lessons in a fun and engaging way. With colorful illustrations and a mysterious storyline, it’s sure to captivate young readers and inspire them to work together to achieve their dreams. So come along for the ride and discover the magic of the rainbow with Pearl and her feline friends!

Pearl's Secret Rainbow Room Surprise Kindle Countdown Sale

About the Author

Upon successfully guiding her three children to their teenage years, Hope Molta began pursuing her lifelong dream of writing children’s books. Armed with a binder full of notes she took while raising her own kids, Hope is looking forward to transforming those experiences into fun lessons for other children.