As we stand on the precipice of another change of seasons, many people are left wondering how to maintain healthy and alluring hair. You may notice changes in your hair throughout the year even if you haven’t changed your hair routine. This is normal- it is simply the environment influencing and affecting your hair.

Having a good hair day can boost your spirits and your confidence, and this can set the tone for other aspects of your life. We can’t promise that you’ll have a perfect hair day every day of the year, but switching up your routine and finding the key to healthy hair may reduce your chances of having a bad hair day.

Seasons changing isn’t just about the weather. The environment around you impacts so many things, from your skin and hair to your mental and physical health. Tweaking your self-care regimen slightly to coincide with the changing seasons can reduce things like dandruff, hair loss, greasy or frizzy hair, and dull, lifeless hair. Summer hair care

As the weather grows warm you probably want to start spending more time outdoors. Sun can be both beneficial and disadvantageous to your hair.

UV rays can harm both your skin and hair. UV-filtering hair products can protect your hair and scalp from the sun while ensuring that dyed hair doesn’t fade or discolor too much. Wearing a hat is another crucial step to take in protecting yourself from the sun.

Wear a watertight swim cap if you spend a lot of time in chlorinated water, as chlorine can lead to dry, discolored hair. An alternative to a swim cap is soaking your hair in fresh water before you take a dip in the pool. Absorbing fresh water can stop your hair from taking on too much chlorine.

You probably want to remove your hair from your sweaty neck or face, but make sure you do so using gentle, soft accessories that won’t snag or tug at your hair too much. If you find that your hair is sweaty and limp during summer, a shampoo for oily hair may work wonders.

hair care tips

Autumn hair care

Did you know that mild hair shedding is common during autumn? You can combat this by avoiding any unnecessary strain on your scalp. If you want to tie your hair back, do so gently with a cloth scrunchie or scarf rather than a tight hairband or elastic.

Soothe your scalp and prevent excessive dryness by deep conditioning occasionally. If you use heat on your hair, use a heat protectant first.

Winter hair care

You wouldn’t wear that cute tank top in winter no matter how good it looks on you, because it wouldn’t protect you and your body from the harsh, cold weather conditions. Your hair is the same way. In the summer, when the air is humid, a lightweight conditioner is enough to hydrate and smooth your hair. In the winter, the air turns dry, especially indoors where heat sources are usually blasting, and your hair needs more hydration. A more heavy-duty conditioner and the occasional deep condition or hair mask will give your scalp that extra moisture. In addition to using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, wash your hair less often.

In winter, your hair is more brittle and prone to breakage and dandruff. Skip the heat-styling tools and the tight hairstyles.

Protecting your hair and scalp from the elements isn’t exclusive to summer. Wearing a warm winter hat, preferably lined with something gentle like silk or satin, can keep you warm while keeping that precious moisture locked into your hair.

Spring hair care

Spring is associated with rebirth, regrowth and rejuvenation- this can apply to your hair too! Many people get a trim or haircut at the start of spring to get rid of the dry dead ends that came from the harsh winter cold and give your hair a fresh start. 

Spring is a great time to air dry your hair instead of using a hairdryer- but beware, spring can also be a time of frizz. Like in winter, your hair will need a little extra moisturization.

All year long

You don’t need to completely reinvent your hair care routine every season- just make small adaptations. There are aspects to hair care that you can do all throughout the year to keep your hair healthy and luscious no matter what the weather throws at you.

Don’t wash your hair every day, and don’t wash in super hot water. Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner that is free from sulphates, and occasionally rid your scalp of buildup.

Avoid using heat or tight hairstyles every day. Treat your scalp gently- it is some of the most sensitive skin on your body, and it holds a lot more weight than most areas of your body!