School is one of the most important institutions your child can ever participate in because of its foundational role in molding your child into an upstanding member of society. The lessons learned in school transcend the 12 years a child spends in school. While public schools are a more popular, much cheaper option for many parents, several others opt for private schooling instead.

Private schooling is a highly coveted luxury many parents desire for their children for many reasons. With one child in ten attending a private school, according to recent data from the U.S. Department of Education, it’s evident more parents are open to these institutions. In this article, we explore the benefits private schools can offer your family, considering the importance of the holistic development of your child.

1. High Academic Performance

Private schools are well known for emphasizing good academic performance. Unlike public schools, the class sizes are smaller, and teachers have a chance to give each child attention. Children will likely perform better because their teachers can spend more time with them on topics they may need extra help understanding. Due to the high cost of private schools, they can also afford highly qualified teachers committed to helping students succeed. This environment fosters intellectual growth and encourages students to reach their full potential.

2. Individualized Attention

Attention and public school aren’t words that typically go together regarding public schools. Teachers are usually overwhelmed with the size of their classes and can’t give their students the one-on-one time they need. The case in private schools is completely different as classes are much smaller, allowing teachers to tailor their delivery to suit the needs of each child. This is extremely beneficial to students who either need extra support or are academically gifted and need a challenge.

3. Privacy

Keeping certain things away from the public eye, especially on social media, is quite appealing, especially to the parents of children in private schools. 70% of adults want some parts of their digital life to remain private, The Advocates reports. Being that we are in a digital era, private schools understand this. They’re known to give importance to the privacy of students and their families by enforcing strict data protection policies. Therefore, it’s unlikely that your or your child’s information and digital footprint could leak to an unwanted source.

4. Community

The community offered in private schools feels like home for many students. Teachers, parents, and students can easily support each other, build long-term friendships, and make valuable connections. Moreover, through groups such as PTA (parent-teacher associations), private schools allow you to be very involved in your children’s education. There exists a collaborative partnership between home and school.

5. Holistic Development

Education provides foundational development for your child in every aspect of their life, not just academics. There’s a great need for a well-rounded child. Private schools understand this and offer children several extracurricular activities to keep them engaged beyond the classroom. One popular area is arts, which could explain the low drop-out rate in private schools as students have access to arts education.

They’re five times less likely to drop out of school, according to IPaintMyMind. Private schools have intensive arts programs, including theater, music (instruments and vocal training), and visual arts. Children are allowed to be creative and explore different methods of expressing themselves.

6. Resources

Private schools have the budget to invest in resources to aid your child’s learning, from computers, smart boards, instruments, and sports gear. These schools often have access to advanced technology to boost the overall learning experience. The resources give your child an attractive and competitive edge in their education.

7. Character

In line with the emphasis on holistic development, many private schools are founded on strong moral values and place great importance on the character of their students. They’re interested in instilling discipline and moral teachings. The focus on character will carry your child throughout their life and guide them in decision-making long after school. Private schools take great care to raise responsible children who positively impact society.

Private schools have much more to offer your family than quality education. They offer your child resources that will play a part in raising them holistically. They also give you, the parent, a chance to collaborate and participate in their education outside the school walls.