The Home Remodeling Projects to Skyrocket Your Home Value

Given the fact that a home is typically one of the most expensive investments that most people will ever buy in their lifetime, it’s important that you keep yours in great shape. Doing this calls for you to work on home remodeling projects, which, if picked right, can skyrocket the value of your home. Take a look below to see some of these projects so that you know what to prioritize in order to give your home an impressive boost in value.

Adding a Fireplace

The first home improvement project to think about if you want to improve your home’s value is adding a fireplace. This is a sure hit in homes that are located in cooler climates, as it has a higher chance of being put to use in this case. Make sure to get it done well and also understand the details of what you need to do in terms of maintenance. This way, you can be sure that it’s going to look amazing and work perfectly. For instance, note that the mantel of a fireplace ought to be between three and seven inches thick depending on the material used to construct it, according to Archute.

An Addition Project

Another project that you could work on to help skyrocket the value of your home is an addition project. If you have the room and the budget to take on an addition project, you’ll expand your home’s livable area and therefore the overall value of the home. Some additions that you can make include building a deck or adding an outdoor patio area, which are both in high demand at the moment.

In fact, 87% of homebuyers want a home with an outdoor patio area, according to Kiplinger. Make sure to find the right person to do the job so that they can deliver quality. Along the same lines, pick the best material for your patio that will be manageable in terms of maintenance so that you can keep it in the best state.

A Bathroom Remodel

There’s no doubt about the fact that you can increase your property’s value by working on a bathroom remodel. This is based on the fact that the top three home projects that have been completed include installing new flooring, interior painting, and bathroom remodels. Clearly, a good number of homeowners value these projects enough to prioritize them over all others. As such, you can work on them yourself so that you enjoy the value-boosting properties that they can offer to a modern home.

A New Flooring Project

Last but not least among the projects that you should focus on if you’d like to improve your home’s value is installing new flooring. This is especially true if you install a new hardwood floor, which has a lot more appeal. This is one of the projects that’s known to make it a lot easier to sell a home, also making more money for you if done before you sell the home. If you already have hardwood flooring, you can still boost the value of your home by refinishing it as opposed to replacing it. With a wooden floor, your home will not only look amazing, but it may also remain warmer when the weather gets cold. You can take this property a step further by installing floor heating if you like.

If you work on any of these home remodeling projects, you can enjoy having a home that’s considerably more valuable. Remember to service and maintain the projects you work on so that you can keep them valuable for the maximum length of time possible. You stand to benefit from working on these projects whether you sell your home or keep living in it, making them reasonably worthwhile investments.