Alaska’s winter is legendary, and this calls for ample preparation if you want to survive it. With a few tips, you can stay safe from getting the blues in Alaska and survive long enough to enjoy the amazing summer that awaits you. Have a look below to see what Alaska is like during the winter, as well as some of the ways you can keep warm and cozy.

Driving During the Day Is the Safest

While it’s best to avoid driving at all if you can, this may not be practical, especially when you think of the fact that you may have to work. That said, do your best to keep your driving within daylight hours. Late at night, you may encounter dizzying snow on the roads, which may not be much of an issue during the day. In addition to this, in case your car breaks down, you’ll be in deep misery if it’s at night, during which time temperatures are also quite cold.

That said, remember to follow general road safety rules as well, such as never driving while intoxicated. This is the worst thing that you could do, given the extreme conditions you may face while on the road. In fact, in Anchorage and throughout Alaska, the second most common cause of traffic accidents is intoxication.

You’ll Be Safer if You Have the Right Gear and Clothing

Next, gear up so that you’re well-armed against the hostile weather. The proper gear is something like layers of warm clothing and waterproof coats. Even when you’re heading out on an afternoon that seems sunny and bright, don’t forget to load up your backpack or vehicle with warm clothes. This is because the temperature is bound to drop, and it can do this drastically and quite fast. That said, make sure that you have the necessary outfit, from gloves and boots to scarves and whatever else you feel like you may need.

You should also look for gear to perform safety checks in and around the home in winter. One of these is something with which to monitor pipeline volume and pressure. According to the Pipeline Association for Public Awareness, this must be monitored all day and every day.

Good Neighborliness Goes a Long Way

During winter, it’s hard to miss a neighbor or two who may need some kind of help. From chopping wood to shoveling a driveway or even carrying things up an icy path, winter makes regular activities considerably harder to do. It’s even harder for those in weakened states as a result of age or something else. This is a great reason for you to offer a helping hand whenever you can.

Keep in mind that the average lawn is 1/5 of an acre in size, and this may be too large for a single homeowner to manage in winter or during other seasons. If you can help out someone in need, then they’re sure to appreciate it a lot. You’ll be fulfilled in having improved someone’s day, or even their entire season!

Winter Sports Can Boost Your Mood

Last but not least, while all you may want to do is bundle up and try to stay warm, it’s a good idea for you to take part in winter sports. This will help you stay active and is therefore great for your physical health. Since you’ll be in contact with other people, it’s also going to be great for your mental health. From snowshoeing and ice skating to curling and ice climbing, there are many sports from which you can choose.

While Alaska can be extremely cold in the winter, there are ways to find it enjoyable. With the tips above, you have the chance to enjoy yourself and stay healthy as well. Put them into consideration so that you don’t have to learn hard lessons through experience.