Ceiling fans are some of the most reliable fixtures in your home. Not only does a properly working ceiling fan promise to save you potentially tens of thousands of dollars on your energy bill over its lifetime, but ceiling fans require remarkably little maintenance — just a light cleaning every few months. If you choose the right ceiling fan, you might never need to replace it with an updated model. But, which ceiling fan makers can be trusted, and which are producing a less-than-reliable machine? 7 Most Reliable Ceiling Fan Makers

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of ceiling fan brands on offer, especially online. If you are intent on acquiring a ceiling you can rely on, you should look no farther than the following few names in ceiling fan manufacturing.


Hunter Fan is easily among the most well-known ceiling fan brands, and for good reason. Hunter fans are custom-engineered to provide the best possible experience, ensuring minimum noise and maximum airflow within the spaces they are installed. Though the traditional Hunter fan model is widely recognizable, Hunter has added hundreds of different styles to its catalogue, so you should be able to find a model that suits your aesthetic. Even better, Hunter Fan offers smart ceiling fans that integrate with all smart home systems, so you can invest in a tech-savvy fixture that delivers high-quality effects for decades to come.


Westinghouse Ceiling Fans is an offshoot of the Westinghouse Electric Company, which was originally founded by the inimitable American engineer and entrepreneur George Westinghouse, holder of more than 361 distinct patents. The Westinghouse brand in general has long been renowned for its ingenuity and push for American progress. Today, Westinghouse fans have a reputation for their ease of installation and their innovative designs, which often use new technologies to provide high-quality service.


Kichler is an award-winning lighting and fan company, with dozens of commendations for design, quality, sustainability and more. Though most of Kichler’s most popular offerings are more or less utilitarian — with flush-mount and outdoor ceiling fans top-rated in the industry — the manufacturer is frequently in the news for releasing new fixtures designed to impress with their forward-thinking style and features. However, you should be careful when experimenting with brand-new, untested fan models, as they might not deliver the high quality you deserve.


Casablanca Fan Company is based in Memphis, Tennessee, and its all-American design team is what draws many customers to its offerings. Unlike other brands on this list, Casablanca focuses on producing premium products, which means that their fans tend to be more expensive than the traditional ceiling fan but that you will likely receive incredible service, quality and style as a result. It is not uncommon to find Casablanca models in high-end, luxury homes, so if that is the feel you are trying to cultivate in your residence, a Casablanca fan might be the right fit for you.

Modern Forms

Modern Forms is a brand underneath the umbrella of WAC Lighting, which focuses on producing energy-efficient products that suit impeccably styled homes. Though Modern Forms has a more limited product selection than other manufacturers on this list, they can guarantee that every fan with the Modern Forms label comes equipped with smart wireless controls and is rated for outdoor use. This means you don’t need to compromise style for functionality when you opt for a Modern Forms fan.


Craftmade originally did business under the name Mastercraft, but the pivot in brand name and a new emphasis on quality construction has made this manufacturer a leader in the industry. Today, you can find an incredible selection of ceiling fans in every size and style, all of which operate with efficiency to provide value to buyers. If you are keen on customizing your ceiling fan with exact features, Craftmade can help you find the model that suits your style and needs.


Minka-Aire is among the most wide-ranging fan manufacturers, with fans in every style, at every price point and with varying degrees of quality. Most Minka-Aire models are sleek and modern in appearance, which makes them appealing to ceiling fan shoppers who have not fully researched brand makes and models. While some Minka-Aire fans are undoubtedly as reliable as they are beautiful, you should read reviews and ratings of the styles you like before you make your purchase.