The kind publicists at Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists sent me a copy of The Adventures of Rusty and Ginger Fox to review. My son was in the car and asked if he could open the envelope, since one of his favorite pastimes is getting mail.  Being the awesome Mommy that I am, I of course said “sure!”  He tore open the yellow envelope, peered at the contents and and proclaimed it a work of art. Okay, his actual words were “it’s so beautiful!”  Granted, the kid is fairly easy to please, since anything new just about sends him to Nirvana.  But he is right this time , this book is visually stunning.

The premise of the story goes like this: Rusty and Ginger Fox are young red foxes adventuring out into the forest for the first time, and everything is brand-spanking new to them. On their journey, they come across all the other creatures sharing their living space. Quite a few of the animals are a little on the scary side to the foxes (not to the reader, the pictures are pretty tame), but others are helpful and kind. The overall lesson that I took away- not everyone in your neighborhood is friendly, so be cautious!

The plot of The Adventures of Rusty and Ginger Fox is fairly simple, a little too simple for me. But my son loved it, and since he’s the target demographic, his opinion holds far more weight than mine does.  For me, the photographs were the true highlight.  Ostermeyer is a Master Photographer, according to his bio (although I’m still not certain exactly what makes one a Master Photographer(, who travels the world photographing wildlife, and all the pictures are by him.  Beautiful photos, not just of the twooxes, but also of deer, wolves, a cougar, a black bear and other woodland creatures the pair of baby foxes meet along the way. Ostermeyer includes a side-bar of fun facts for each animal, including the humans at the end. For example, did you know that bears can’t hear very well and live up to 25 years in the wild? We’re not talking in-depth details about the animals — just enough to pique the curiosity of the targeted age group.

Bottom Line- Worth it for the photography alone.  Retail price is $18.95, but Amazon has it listed for $12.89. Definitely a great book to show children the different types of animals that live in a forest, and to gently explain the dangers of approaching an animal in the woods.

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