Family Fun at Mazezilla Pumpkin Patch at Klingel’s Farm

Jake Corn

I have a million and one reviews and posts that I’m supposed to be writing right now, but I’m sick as a dog who isn’t feeling well. I never understood the whole “sick as a dog” saying, because my dogs are pretty healthy! Anyway, rather than completely skip today, I thought I’d share some pictures from the pumpkin patch this weekend at Mazezilla, run by Klingel’s Farms in Saylorsburg PA. We didn’t do Mazeilla, but we did hang out doing some of their cool free attractions. Take a look! This isn’t sponsored or anything, I just wanted to share some […] Read more »

Get Away with Choice Hotels Comfort Inn & Suites Mount Pocono

As a Choice Hotels Blogger, I received complimentary gift cards and a hotel stay. All opinions are my own. Last month, I took Jacob and my cousin on a mini-vacation for one last hurrah before the school year started, thanks to Choice Hotels. Originally, we had planned to go to the shore, but due to unforeseen circumstances, that didn’t work out. Instead, I took Jacob and Ben (14) up to Mount Pocono to stay at the Comfort Inn & Suites. We spent the first day at a water park before checking in (the only day that didn’t have massive thunder […] Read more »

It’s a Snowmageddon Reboot!

Snowmageddon 2014

Anyone remember Snowmageddon 2010? I thought it was a stupid name for it back then, but with all the hype over this week’s storms, it kind of fits now! First of all, where the heck did yesterday’s snow storm come from? The first person that says “the sky” is getting hit. Just saying.   I checked the weather on Saturday. It was supposed to be a lovely day yesterday. I was planning to go get the guinea pigs their pellets and grab some other stuff I procrastinated on over the weekend. Every morning, I look out the window before waking […] Read more »

Fun Family Things to Do in the Poconos This Spring and Summer

Things to Do in the Poconos

If you’re planning a trip to the Poconos this spring, you may be wondering just what there is to do here to keep your family busy. Once upon a time, the Poconos were pretty much known just for skiing in the winter and its plethora of honeymoon resorts, like the gorgeous Paradise Stream. Now, though, there are so many fun things to do in the Poconos year-round! With water parks, hiking trails, and hidden gems like Quiet Valley, there’s something for everyone. Check out a few fun things to do in the Poconos this spring. Quiet Valley 25th Annual Farm […] Read more »

925 Ideas to Help You Save Money Book Blast: Win a Kindle!

Get Out of Debt and Retire A Millionaire So You Can Leave Your Mark on the World 925 Ideas to Help You Save Money, Get Out of Debt and Retire A Millionaire So You Can Leave Your Mark on the World from the author of the highly acclaimed book, Your Mark on the World, is a collection of articles about family financial planning that originally appeared at 925 Ideas… is an easy and readable guide to help your family find financial peace. Author Devin D. Thorpe explains: 1) how you and your spouse can find agreement on money matters, […] Read more »

Together Counts Fall Fun: Heading to the Harvest Festival

Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons. The stinging bugs die off or go into hibernation (or whatever it is that stinging bugs do during the winter), the leaves turn beautiful shades before they vanish for the winter, and the temperatures are friendly enough that you don’t have to wear a parka to go outdoors, yet cool enough that you’re not sweating up a storm with each step. I also love all the different harvest festivals, pumpkin patches, and other cool things that there are to do in my area come October. Read more »

In the Poconos: Check out the Mountaintop Lodge Bridal Expo on 8/19

If you’re going to be in the Poconos (or already live here), and are planning a wedding in the future, check out the Mountaintop Lodge Bridal Expo on August 19th. The Expo is located at the gorgeous Mountaintop Lodge, now owned by Lake Naomi. Last year, I had the chance to tour Lake Naomi, and they run an amazingly beautiful community, so I’m really interested to see what they’ve done with the Mountaintop Lodge. Read more »

Bushkill Falls (The Niagara Of Pennsylvania): Fun Things To Do in The Poconos

Last week, Sal and I took advantage of a gorgeous day and some free time in the early afternoon to take a quick trip up the road to Bushkill Falls, aka the Niagara of the Poconos. I really wanted to work on my photography skills and being outside in nature seemed like a great way to pass the time before I had to pick Jake up from the bus stop, especially since I would be stuck indoors at the mall for the next two weeks. For those who aren’t local to the Poconos (I know at least one of my […] Read more »

Adventures in Nature- Exploring the Poconos

Last Monday, I decided it would be fun to drag Jacob and my boyfriend up to Promised Land State Park. I grew up in that area, and I really wanted to get some good nature pictures to practice my skills. I’ve decided it’s time to stop blaming my “crappy” camera for my lack of photography skills and start working on making do with what I have.  Well, Promised Land was pretty much a bust. It was like 15 degrees colder there than it was in my town a mere 45 minutes away. Jacob couldn’t even take his hands out of […] Read more »

My Valentine’s Day Vacation At Paradise Stream

My boyfriend and I had the amazing opportunity to spend two nights and three days, including Valentine’s Day, at Paradise Stream in Paradise Township, PA. It’s only 20 minutes away from my house, but it was like being in a whole different world. We had such an amazing time, I’m just trying to figure out where to begin! I suppose the beginning is as good a place as any! Checking in and discovering my incredible room From the moment we arrived until the moment we left, every single member of the staff that we encountered made us feel welcome and […] Read more »