Please welcome Debra Chapoton to Pretty Opinionated. Her guest post gave me the idea to start an Author Guest Post feature.

Author Spotlight: Debra ChapotonThanks, Nicole, for asking me to talk about my children’s books which I am very happy to do, naturally. I have written a fantasy novel called A TICK IN TIME and some scary stories in the book BIGFOOT DAY, NINJA NIGHT, but I’d like to talk about my Big Pine Lodge adventure series which starts with THE SECRET IN THE HIDDEN CAVE. This series is good wholesome reading for boys and girls ages 8 – 12.

In the first book you meet two 12 year olds, Missy and Kevin, who are staying at an old lodge that harbors many secrets. They explore the dark attic, the mysterious woods, the creepy cemetery and the labyrinthine caves beneath the lake. They find surprises, danger and secrets. The lodge is slated for destruction unless they can solve the riddles, follow the clues and discover a solution, an ancient secret, which saves the place. The novel is fast paced with surprising twists, high tech gizmos, clever riddles and scary stuff.

In book two, MYSTERY’S GRAVE, more surprises await Missy and Kevin as two new families arrive at the lodge, but one family isn’t human . .  . and they live behind a gravestone. In book three, BULLIES AND BEARS, the kids face another week of adventures and escapades as they confront teenage bullies and a troublesome mama bear.

I had a ton of fun writing these books and tried to keep things realistic yet entertaining. I based the lodge on a mixture of two real places in Michigan where I used to spend my summers. I drew on my memories and old photos a lot. Incidentally, my husband and I built our own log home and named it Big Pine Lodge. There’s a slide show of it on my blog, but it’s much smaller than the imaginary lodge in the novels.

If you’re interested in reading excerpts from the books you can visit my site, . Incidentally, all my books are available at Amazon at or on Barnes & Noble at Thanks for allowing me to guest post, I appreciate it.

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